Enduro Trail Magazines Help

I have located only one magazine worth a damn and hopefully the WR group can help me find more Trail & Enduro magazine other than Trail Rider Magazine here in the States. Most  cover the MX community, which I am not interested in, just trail riding and getting lost in the woods. Is there a magazine that I am missing and can't find really anything at the local bookstore and web searches are mostly overseas and looking for a subscription I could get in the States. Any help???

I am not too fond of Trail Rider Magazine...just look at their bike test reviews over that last year: they are too fixated on Euro motos.  Not one japanese trail bike reviewed.


There's advmoto: http://www.adventuremotorcycle.com/magazine/16-issues/812-Issue-84   but this one might be more dual sport/adv oriented.  It doesn't hurt to take a look tho.

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Ah, thanks man! I ordered a subscription to Dirt Bike and Trail Rider yesterday. My local bookstore has everything under the sun covered in magazines, but no enduro trail bike mags. All related to MX, which I am not interested in. Just being a noob(yes, let the bullsh!t fly), I would like to read and learn more but can't really find anything. Thanks for your help!





...that's about it

Slightly off topic, but this is a pretty good online mag with a lot of non-MX features: http://dirtbiketest.com/

^ Thanks for the tip!

Great link! Sucks that there isn't really a whole lot out there for trail riders.

Great link! Sucks that there isn't really a whole lot out there for trail riders.

Slightly off topic but have you gone here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/58-off-road-riding-technique/


Guys like 2Ply are like having in house article writers when it comes to technique & etc.

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