Fatbars on '06 wr450f

I did a search, but the posts I saw were pretty old. I saw adaptors, yzf clamps and a couple companies I don't recognize. What do You guys recommend? I am 6'1" so was thinkn pro taper evo cr-high (have those on my LTR450) or maybe contour cr-high. I would appreciate Your opinions. I don't want to replace cables to. Thank You!

Not sure I understand what you are asking


CR High bars require a new set of 1 1/8" bar clamps, and that it.


Many use the BRP submount to get them even higher, and it also provides a dampe mount.

You answered, thank You. Was wondering if can just buy clamps or if should swap to yzf trees. Also am thinking cr-hi bend bars (are there any that are taller) but wanted to make sure I wouldn't have to get longer cables. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks again!

I run pro-taper Evo's, Henry/reed bend. With the pro taper clamps. Absolutely love Em.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1422086132.710399.jpg

If you want something simple and inexpensive, Rocky Mountain ATV  sells risers that also act as as adapters so you can go from a standard to a fat bar (I think they are Tusk brand). You don't change any mounts. I did that on my old 98 WR400 and went with the KTM/Suzuki Bend. I was a little leary of the risers at first, but it worked out fine. If you want to spend some money look into a sub mount stabilizer, pretty much does the same thing but with a dampner.

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