Throttle sticking.

Had this start happening to me a few times during my last race. But after a 6 mile lap into the single track course, on my second lap, (after the bike was good and hot, I was having issues where my throttle would start stick after holding it in one spot for a while.

It wasn't sticking on my throttle turn, it was down inside the carb. (The slide). All I had to do was blip the throttle a couple times and it would return to idle, but I was wondering if there are any easy methods to resolve a sticky throttle.

Tighten / service / lube / replace your return throttle cable

Pull the slide out and inspect it for debris....the wheels are probably caked up

If you have not done a vent hose re-route (pull the side dual vent hoses one each side of the carb up under the tank and put a filter on them), you are sucking dirt into the carb with each stall....

Edited by Kah Ran Nee

I agree with Ka Ranee

If its not in the grip or the cable, pull the thing out and have a look

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