YZ450 cam

i was just wondering how ppl like the YZ cam in the WR 450. im thinking of doing it i just dont wanna mess up a good thing

I put the YZ cam in about three months ago. As for the performance it really wakes the bike up. It accelerates much faster. In fact I went to a 14/48 because the thing would run through to the rev limiter so quickly and it does give me a bit more top end that way. I ride mostly desert out here and for that it's great. The bike has a lot more snap which to me makes it ride a lot 'lighter' than it is since the front end will come up anytime, any gear. Not that the stock cam is bad. If I rode mostly tight technical woods type terrain I might stick with the WR cam. That's my .02. :)

Ditto. I had the YZ450 cam in my bike for a month and went back to the WR cam for woods riding it is better. I was either wheeling like crazy between the turns in the woods or I kept spinning up the rear tire. :D To difficult to ride fast for us mortals in my opinion. I have read where some of the pro arena cross guys put WR cams in their YZ450s. If you want power get it! If you are truely using all the arm ripping power out of your WR450 I applaud you. :)

It's really not about top speed but when your dicing with your buddy coming out of a corner in a sand wash it's nice to have that little extra oomph :) All kidding aside for desert riding the YZ cam is way fun even for us mere mortals. Like I said before for technical trail riding I'd probably stick with the WR cam. We'll see how I do when I head for the mountains this summer. :D

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