Need Help With SidePlate Backgrounds

I had my dealer order a set of Ceet backgrounds for my 01 426F.

I got them yesterday and started with the front number plate...went on like a dream.

After a few hours of making Howard Stern blush, I'm stuck. How do you guys install the side plate backgrounds (I give up)?

My Kids thank you

My Wife thanks you

My Neighbors thank you

I put them in the oven for a few min when it gets warm its much easyer to work with. START IN THE CENTER!!! :)


Those side panels are tough. Just have patience, patience and more patience. And bring some beers - you'll need them.

Heat them up with a hair dryer (makes them more pliable), spray panel with windex, start in the center and work your way out squegeeing out the windex.

Oh yeah, you might want to close the garage door so your family doesn't hear all the colorful language. :)



[ February 06, 2002: Message edited by: Odie ]

Odie has the right procedure!

Have any of you ever tried painting your plastic?

The best and easiest way to get those backgrounds on is with Yamaha's graphics application gel, I bought it from my local dealer for a couple bucks and it works great. It is almost like hairgel, just put on the numberplate, place the background and take your time working it around the curves, while forcing the gel out from the middle. I also used a heatgun to smooth some of the final wrinkles.

I got these tips from someone else here on TT but I can't remember who.

Fill your sink with hot water and a couple drops of liquid dish soap. Preheat your oven to the lowest temp that it will hold. (but nothing over 175F)

While sink is filling open the decal package and pound beer #1.

Submerse a side panel and scrub the surface good with your hands. Yes, the water is hot and your hands are turning red. Remove the backing from the background and submerse the background over the side panel. Align the background and start to work the water out from the center. If you don't like your alignment you should be able to peel it up and start over. When you are happy with the alignment and feel like you can't get any more water out put the side panel on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven. (how many people really have a heat gun?)

Pound beer #2.

Repeat above process with other side panel.

Pound beer #3.

Take the side panel that has been in the oven the longest and start to squeegee the decal from the peak of the hump (not the middle) outwards. When the plate has cooled so it is no longer workable, Swap with the plate in the oven and continue.

Pound beer #4.

Keep working and swapping and pounding until you are either happy with the results, totally frustrated, out of beer, or passed out drunk.

Don't be too suprised if you wreck the first set of backgrounds and have to start over. I got my second set on with no wrinkles or slits.

Keep an eye on the plates while they are in the oven, don't let them melt.

Oven???? Cookie sheets???? Just heat them up with a hair dryer. I do agree with your beer pounding methods though.



I just use the bath tub filled with hot water. While they are submerged work out the bubbles. When happy just remove from the water and let it sit. Never had a problem doing it that way.

i got fed up with mine and bought yellow # plates from ufo

I agree with Scott, use the tub, but dont forget the rubber duckie...

Mr T

Boil them in a pot with some chicken broth and celery,season to taste. HAD TO DO IT. :)

Polyethelene stew, yum yum. :)

Best thing that i have found and i am serious, is WD40. A high pressure washer wont remove it after it dries. Dont know why it works, but it does. Apply a little to the backside of the decal, position it and just let it dry. impervious to anything. also works great at securing grips to handle bars. i'm not kidding, try it out

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