Dampers - RTT (others?) installation

I've been researching new triple clamps (upper) and the possibility of a damper for my new '04 WR450 (well, to be honest it started with replacing my "customized" brake lever, then I thought I might as well replace the bars, well, if I'm gonnna replace the bars, I need new triple clamps.....I need to sell a kidney I think).

I haven't had any experience with any other motorcycles, I'm as newbie as they come.

My question is, if RTT or Scotts or whoever says that their triple clamp/damper kit will fit my particular bike, does that include places to remount the headlight housing bracket and whatever else Yamaha put on the oem triple clamp? Or, is that something else I need to worry about?

Thanks in advance, :)


The RTT is great. I've had it on for a year. I don't remember having to relocate anything other then moving the kill switch to the other side. Buy the RTT it's a great product.

Hang on to yer kidneys Chief. There's an "All Spanking" site that'll pay some good coin for that pic.

:) haha - I assume you're not referring to the pic of my son :D

I couldn't swing the cost of the RTT, I'll just drool for a while longer. Instead, I spent less money and purchased cheaper triple clamp, new bars, new clutch lever and perch, new break lever, and a set of handguards...not too bad imo.

I have an 04 wr450 and I put the GPR V2 under bar stabilizer on mine, AND I LOVE IT!! I did have to use the applied top triple clamp and I had to fab a bracket that fit for the wiring harness that runs behing the plate, but no big deal just an extra piece of sheetmetal with a couple holes. Also a benifit is it raised the bars about 3/4" so it is a lot more comfortable riding sitting or standing. Also no stabilizer to pummel your chest on in case of an endo (speaking from previous experience) :)

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