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Why should I buy an xr650l over a dr650. I know alot about the dr, so a little help will be great. About 85% dirt. Im short 5'8" 165 The dr is nice cause I can touch. Anyone lower the xr? If so then was it dog bones? Please give me the scoop. thanks. :)

There are a couple of companies that offer 2" lowering links for the XRL. Every account I've read on the DR say it's more street oriented than the Honda. There is a lot of aftermarket support for the L.

thats it. come on guys. tell me some stories. Like why i should buy a honda instead of a suziq. I've always been a honda guy, but the dr seems to be a good bike.. Has anyone owned both. I know they weight the same. :)

If you're going to be in the dirt 85% of the time, then also check out the XR650R with a dual sport kit. I believe both Shanedogg and Needsprayer on this list lowered their XR650R's with the kouba lowering link and both were very pleased. I recall Shanedogg saying he was 5'7" (close to you) and that the link made a night & day difference in handling for him. I believe the link lowers the bike 1.75" and front fork tubes can be lowered ~1.25", which changes the handling a bit, but these guys said it handled better for their needs. Try contacting them for more info about lowering their bikes if a 650R interests you. The 650R is significantly lighter than the L and significantly more powerful as well.

I have a 650L and love it. Very low on the pocket book as far as repairs go. Lots of aftermarket stuff for it, Lots!

The Dr on the other hand is very low on aftermarket and high on the repair list. A friend of a friend has one and something breaks on it when he gets into the dirt with it, every time.

Now I am sure the DR group will tell me I am wrong, okay with me but I still believe in the bullit proofness of the XR.


Thanks fellers, I want an air cooled bike though. Thats why im looking at the L. I've read several things on both, & they both get good reviews. They say the dr is the fastest, then klr, then xr. Really this doesnt matter to me. I've always had good luck with Honda, & may go with it. I just hate how tall they are. This seems to be a common complaint. I will definately have to lower the bike. Im still debating wheather to get a xr400 & dual sport it, or a 650 bike. I just dont know :):D. I'll figure it out though :D. Ya know it seems like just when you think you know what you want, you end up changing your mind. I do alot of riding on 4wheeler trails. Rooted ruted, muddy, & very rocky. Its hard to decide. I know a lighter bike would be easier on the trails, but the heavier bike would be better on the road. what a dillema. :D

I didn't want to come off like you should buy Honda period.

The XR's are pretty much bomb proof with lot's of support from the aftermarket. If you intend to ride hard, the Honda is the best choice. I just bought my XR650R with a baja kit in Nov. & could not be happier with my decision, prior to that I test rode a DRZ400, DR650, XR400, XR650L & R & a KLR650. The R makes a neat toy, it's flickable as a DRZ (about the same weight) & is almost as roadworthy as the KLR. My second choice would've been the XR650L, the stock 400 mile one I rode was very nice & is quicker than a DR even without being uncorked. The DR felt heavy even though the seat was lower. If you think you'll be adding hop up items later, look at what is available for the Suzuki (not much)

Buy an XR & a lowering link, you'll be glad you did.

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