When you push the thumb lever in it sticks?

...I agree with Shane's comment, does it stick!? The plunger is spring loaded and should have enough force to return the lever back to the closed position. The cable maybe pinched somewhere preventing smooth actuation. You may want to cezch that.

I don't have a Dr. D hot start, but I think what Junkie is saying is that he is unsure of how far the lever needs to be depressed to fully open the circuit or perhaps is worried that you could damage the plunger if it is overextended.

I guess you could remove it momentarily, operate the lever and note the relationship between that and the plunger movement.

Hell, I don't know.


The bike will sound like crap with a properly operating hot start circuit open. It is running lean. If it runs good when you let off, all is good.

I know this might sound dumb, :D just recieved and installed my hot start system yesterday. Heres my q's: I ve noticed that when I pushed the the lever in it actually goes farther than what I expected, I know the Factory hot start doesnt pop out this far......do I have to guestimate how far to push it in? I know when its all the way pushed in the bike runs like crap! and when I pull the lever back a bit, then it sounds like its in the right pos. Knowledge is Power! May I have some? :):D:D

yeah the lever doesnt return smoothly and yes if I push the lever in more the 1/2 an inch it does start running like crap. Ill try removing to see if its binding somewhere...and let you guys know! :)

peace out!

Also make sure you get the correct amt. of free play in the button. It make have too much free play....

Junkie, you are not making yourself clear. I have that button on my bike. Once it is installed all you have to do is push the red button to the right and kick the bike until it is running. Let go of the button immediately. If your bike is running normally you are in good shape, it works. This in not rocket science, just a valve that regulates air intake.


Hey scary, dont get me wrong I understand the concept ... curious, how far do you push your lever in? You dont push it till it stops right?

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