anymore issue with the WR450 starter problem?

I remembered there is this "key" problem when using the e-starter on the 450F. has the problem been solve? :)

TT'ers haven't posted any issues they're having with the '04's yet. The beefier crank and redesigned torque limiter on the starting gear appears to have fixed the issues that plagued the '03 models.

How does the old saying go..."Never buy the first model year..." :)

200 MILES - So far, so good on my 2004 WR450!

I have only used the kick starter two times just to check

how easy it would crank. And I was very pleased.

So far it's a great bike guys! Everything I was looking for!

I might make a bigger support pad for the bottom of the kickstand, it sinks quick in the soft stuff!

DD :)

Hey Dave!

I bought a Utah skid plate after seeing yours on your website. Those brackets that come with the shield are a nightmare to fasten! So what I did was use the exist. stock plastic skid underneath the new alum. one. I bought some longer metric bolts to go through the alum. skid and through the plastic skid, then you can utilize the stock mounting tabs on the frame. You need to drill two more holes in the new skid for the bolts. I used the stock clips on the rear of the plate, (you can get to these easily). Then when it was all tightened up properly, I put two short self tapping screws through the holes that Utah provided and screwed them into the stock plastic plate. That way it attached the plastic plate to the new alum. one and keeps it aligned for easy assembly. When I change oil, I take the skid plate off, so I had to figure out a better way of attachment!

Just thought I'd share.

And thanks for all your help you gave me before I bought my WR!

DD :)

Sorry Rookie for the change of subject in your thread, I plead brain fade!

A humble DD :D

It never ceases to amaze me the clever things that you guys come up with! That's pretty slick what you did to mount the skid plate. Instead of having to take the skid plate off each time I changed the oil, I cut an addtional inch out of the the oil drain hole and then use a small plastic funnel to keep the oil from collecting in the skid plate.

I still have to take it off when changing out the sheared woodruff key... :)

:):D :D

no problem DD :D

thanks for the info mates. :)

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