Where to put the women?

Does anybody know of a nice camground with hookups and maybe a pool that I can ride my dirtbike from in Southern California? I always ride in the desert but my friend and I want to bring the wives and kids along for a trip and thought they would appreciate a developed campground. It has to have good wide open desert riding though. I found some stuff at Anza Borrego but that is about three hours away and I was hoping for about two hours since I don't get to home from work on friday until late. I saw a few campgrounds in Palm Desert but I have never ridden there. Does anybody have any info on if the riding is any good there and if so what is the best campground there that I can ride out of. Also any other info on places within about two hours of south bay area would be great.


I realize that 3 hours is a bit long but Ocotillo (Anza Borrego) is a good hit even with the drive. It has a cool little motel that is set up just right for what you say you need. Nothing special, just clean rooms, a pool, playground (swingset) and you can ride your bike out of it to the trails. I believe it is called Desert Ironwoods?

Just my plug for a great riding area. Good luck with your search :)

Leave the women and children. U'll have more fun :D:)

I have not tried this yet, but my buddy has and it sounds perfect. Go to California City and in the middle of the riding are there is a place called Silver Saddle. They have a spa, campgrounds, a lake, petting zoo and some other stuff (not sure about the pool). Oh yeah, they have a bar and restaurant too. You can ride right out of there into the riding area, just keep it real mellow when you are in the camp ground. They have horses there that get spooked. :) I would even say, you might want to push your bike out a little before firing it up. We don't want to burn a bridge with them. It's a real nice place. In the summer, it's like an oasis. It's the only green place in the desert. They have a website, so do a search and check it out. I live by LAX and it's about two hours away.

Yeah I forgot all about that place. I never stayed there but I used to see it when I would go riding there. I haven't gone there in at least five years because I got tired of every time I went there was a new fence they had put up. Is there any riding left there? I thought I remember you couldn't even get down to the lake bed anymore.

I ride there at least once a month. They closed some of the stuff in the hills, but the area is still huge. You can still ride to the dry lake. You can also ride over the hill to Randsburg, or even further. There are still plenty of places to go there.

I called Silver Saddle and if you are not a member you can not make reservations until 24 hours before your stay. That kind of sucks not having definate plans until that late. Also they said you can not ride your bikes in. I asked her how far the push was and she didn't seem to have an answer. I said like a couple hundred yards? and she said yes. Sure seems like a nice place though. Oh yeah I got transfered and disconected three times in a row before I finaly got to the right person that could tell me I couldn't make a reservation.

I once raced in Pahrump NV, the pre-race meeting was at the Terribles RV park. The place was beautiful.. Rolling grassy areas, lakes, gambling, playgrounds and pools, I was blown away.... I've ridden to Pahrump (from Olancha) not hard riding at all. Do a search on Google and check it out..

Dan :)

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