3 part engine question

2004 yz450 on the end of the shift can there's a small brass contactor for the neutral switch. When I disassembled my engine I noticed it had an oring on it that didn't look quite right. Is this supposed to be that large and what's its function. See picture below. 3rd question is other than the crank bearings and the two that are sealed on one side, are any of the rest of the case bearings directional?


The O-ring may have been used as a substitute for the spring that's supposed to be under the contact pin to push it against the tracks on the switch.  Can't think of another reason for it. 


Other than the bearings you mention, I don't recall any others that are specific as to which way they face. 

Thanx! The IPB was showing the oring but I didn't see it in the maintenance manual. Guess I'll ditch it since the spring is there and seems to function as advertised

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