Question --- I just bought a Yamaha YZ250f or yz450f shock that has never been apart.  It has the the Titanium Spring with two pink lines .... is this a 2007 or 2008 yz450f shock?


Thank you for any advice!!!



A straight wound titanium spring with one pink mark should be a 5.5 kg/mm, standard on an '06 YZ450.  A progressively wound spring with two pink marks should be a steel spring with an average rate of 5.5.  I don't believe the '08 used a ti spring.

nice!!! thank you for the answer ... the guy I bought it from though it was an 06 or 07 so maybe it is one smugged pink line ... it is a ti spring for sure.  I also have a 2009 YZ450F shock to rebuild that i know is from an 09 with the Red Spring.

There are a couple of other things to look for that changed around that time.  18mm vs. the earlier16mm shock shaft is one.  Internally, other than shim stack differences, the '08 and later had larger ports (2.75mm, or .108"(7/64")) in the exchange piston (the HS comp piston, if you will).  You can easily drill the older, smaller ports out to match the '08 spec, though. 

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