2014 wr450 fork 'sag' question

Ok, please bear with me I'm a n00b

I get my new WR this weekend hopefully and I've been reading everything I possible can about the bike particularly with regard to suspension set up


I don't seem to have read how to set fork sag. Could someone point me in the right direction please

I am assuming you already set the rear spring static and race sag at 100 to 104 mm correct?


Fork sag is usually talked about in mountain bikes...I've not hidden much or at all in motos.

My back ground is Mtb so that's probably why I'm asking


My understanding is that correct rear sag helps set correct steering geometry. If the front sag is incorrect then that will affect the steering adversely

Is the only way to do it via spring weight and changing springs?

Fork sag is notoriously difficult to measure due to the stiction in the forks - you will find you get a different reading every time


However here are some numbers for you

Dirt Bikes         SAG        

Front (300mm travel)        

Static (Free) Sag (60-70% of Rider Sag) 45 - 63mm

Dynamic (Rider) Sag (25-30% of Full Travel)     75 - 90mm

Loaded Sag - (Dynamic Sag - Static Sag)     12 - 45mm          


Rear (300mm travel)        

Static (Free) Sag (15-25% of Rider Sag)     25-35mm

Dynamic (Rider) Sag (25-30% of Full Travel)     90-100mm

Loaded sag (Dynamic Sag - Static Sag) 55 - 75mm


You are better off judging by the amount of travel you have left after a typical ride

Forget preloading the springs, was you want very little preload on the springs (<5mm), so that when the bike is very light on the front, the fork springs aren't push the wheel off the ground

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Did I read this right?

Did I read this right?

what did you read?

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