My Rebel X Rally / Desert bike build thread

Are these not the bikes that had 5 fuel cells as quoted in the factory team info for 2015 as the reason they moved to the single fuel cell this time around?

could very well be,

but a 2015 YZ would cost 3 - 4x as much..


2nd yamaha in the dakar race was an "old" model.. so, go figure..





46:03:49 - -   2 7


46:20:42 00:16:53 00:17:00   3 26


46:27:03 00:23:14 -   4 31


46:42:27 00:38:38 -   5 18


46:48:06 00:44:17 -   6 11


48:01:39 01:57:50 00:41:00   7 9


48:04:03 02:00:14 -   8 21


48:22:07 02:18:18 -   9 29


48:28:10 02:24:21 -   10 3


49:12:58 03:09:09 -   11 37


49:35:39 03:31:50 -   12 5


50:04:04 04:00:15 -   13 44


50:24:07 04:20:18 -

OLD model

14 32


51:02:03 04:58:14 -   15 15


51:17:29 05:13:40 00:05:00

also old model.. do I need to carry on... ,   :)79


51:25:34 05:21:45 00:15:00   17 2


51:58:24 05:54:35 02:20:00   18 8


52:25:01 06:21:12 00:55:00   19 22


52:26:05 06:22:16 00:05:00   20 160


52:41:28 06:37:39 00:40:00   21 49


52:42:58 06:39:09 -   22 24


52:48:02 06:44:13 -   23 38


52:57:20 06:53:31 00:01:00   24 34


53:21:02 07:17:13 -   25 14


53:22:54 07:19:05 01:00:00   26 45


53:56:03 07:52:14 00:15:00   27 161


53:56:29 07:52:40 00:15:00   28 35


53:56:35 07:52:46 -   29 25


54:03:08 07:59:19 00:15:00   30 151


55:56:24 09:52:35 -   31 65


56:49:52 10:46:03 -   32 103


57:05:55 11:02:06 -   33 60


57:53:19 11:49:30 01:55:00   34 63


58:41:09 12:37:20 -   35 46


59:48:26 13:44:37 00:40:00   36 59


60:39:20 14:35:31 00:40:00   37 73


61:43:22 15:39:33 00:16:00   38 51


61:43:36 15:39:47 00:11:00   39 68


62:43:56 16:40:07 00:03:00   40 54


62:48:55 16:45:06 -   41 78


63:23:51 17:20:02 01:40:00   42 61


64:00:57 17:57:08 00:40:00   43 125


64:57:20 18:53:31 00:41:00   44 57


65:36:08 19:32:19 00:15:00   45 83


65:39:18 19:35:29 00:06:00   46 113


65:42:56 19:39:07 03:40:00   47 152


67:14:46 21:10:57 00:40:00   48 126


67:25:06 21:21:17 00:06:00   49 72


67:49:54 21:46:05 -   50 156


70:26:29 24:22:40 00:47:00   51 98


70:51:43 24:47:54 01:45:30   52 96


71:18:25 25:14:36 -   53 97


71:24:53 25:21:04 00:05:00   54 167


71:32:25 25:28:36 00:02:00   55 128


71:36:50 25:33:01 -   56 127


71:42:20 25:38:31 00:07:00   57 107


71:48:17 25:44:28 01:21:00   58 144


72:02:24 25:58:35 03:05:00   59 81


72:28:58 26:25:09 04:47:00   60 150


72:51:08 26:47:19 00:14:00   61 95


72:56:58 26:53:09 02:43:00   62 75


77:25:16 31:21:27 01:06:00   63 76


77:46:44 31:42:55 01:03:00   64 135


79:02:22 32:58:33 01:35:00   65 118


80:28:07 34:24:18 01:24:39   66 132


80:29:18 34:25:29 01:32:03   67 148


81:24:04 35:20:15 01:01:00   68 64


82:00:45 35:56:56 01:41:00   69 108


82:41:10 36:37:21 01:42:00   70 133


84:00:40 37:56:51 06:05:00   71 138


85:41:41 39:37:52 04:53:19   72 165


86:07:37 40:03:48 03:00:00   73 92


86:43:49 40:40:00 02:15:00   74 149


88:13:15 42:09:26 05:00:30   75 141


88:43:48 42:39:59 03:10:00   76 91


97:48:05 51:44:16 04:42:28   77 153


119:43:55 73:40:06 16:03:00   78 117


149:24:08 103:20:19 20:45:00  
157:00:13 110:56:24 19:07:00

The 2014 bikes won't have been soaked in salt either

But going back to the point of this thread - the bike I'm building up to ride as both normal desert "Enduro" style bike and a rally bike for participation in my first ever rally the ADDC. There are a number of considerations

1 - where I keep my bike is starting to use the same model WR as mine. When you live in my part of the world availability of spares can be a key issue. By owning the same bike as the hire fleet I have great access to their stock of spares and parts. This means I miss a lot less days riding due to mechanical issues

2 - the team I'm part of will have about 5 Rebel X bikes competing in the Challenge. This makes the logistics of spares and servicing much easier plus more robust giving each of us a better chance of finishing well. This is the same logic as for the Dakar. The majority of riders were on new KTM's meaning they had the access to the best stock of spares at the rally. If you are not part of a factory team then this is really important.

3 - my bike will be modular. It will take minimal time to build it up into a number of configurations. Riding in the dunes locally it will be stock apart from a 11 litre tank. For roadbook training I can just add the nav tower. For baja' or exploring the empty quarter I can put on the 18 litre tank. For full blown rallies I can fit the full kit. A dedicated rally bike doesn't allow for this approach. This is fine if it was specifically rallying I wanted to do or I had the cash for a quiver of bikes but this is not the case. I average 30hrs a month in the dunes, the ADDC will happen once this year. Until I've completed this one I'm not going to commit to another.

looks like a win-win situation,


I would look for an exhaust cam and maybe porting the head,

but that would be me, (or getting a gytr WR head... :p  )


change the header too, just to get more torque..

did you thought about the gytr tuning unit (which you hook up to the ecu)
But I would guess the rally team you bunk with would have that (?)


still looking forward to see how you receive it all and how straightforward the build is..

I read some rumors about the 2106 WRF....


Uhh.. If true.. I might keep my money in my pocket...

supposed to be lighter...

6 speed gearbox,

and the YZ reversed head...


But this is only judging on rumors..

I know 3 people who wrecked yz engines this year already

due to?


I know 3 people who wrecked yz engines this year already

Due to?

Olly's case cracked as in fell apart. Don't know why. A friend of his was similar. Both are raced mainly

Sam's threw the cam chain which then tore the top end apart

So my build thread hasn't involved much building so far

So I've ordered a Rekluse core exp 3.0 and lhrb this morning. I'm a long time mountain biker and have always struggled with the foot rear brake.

Still more talk and not enough bike building on this thread. Bike is STILL in customs. Maybe today. In the mean time here is a pic from the weekend riding

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423451748.676511.jpg

horrible picture...




wish we had that kinda space here.....

Its no joke but that is the crowded bit of the desert :goofy:

anything happening?

seems like to EU customs at your end.. what rules do we have to let this guy pay more duties... :foul: :foul:

Yes there has been action. The bike is out of customs and has been delivered. It's now being registered

Yesterday morning the Rebel X kit was still stuck with DHL somewhere in Dubai

I'm participating in a mountain bike event on Friday but have Saturday put aside to build up the bike in the workshop. We are heading to Liwa on Sunday morning for 5 days of riding in the big dunes so it's all very tight

Our customs just have lots of rules and they love very different paperwork

For instance they won't accept any documentation without a company stamp on it and a signature. Many European companies we deal with have to go out and get one made specially as it's not something they need normally for anywhere else. With out the stamp it's becomes very difficult to get stuff out

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :banghead:

So the rally kit still hasn't arrived but I've been busy with the bike today

In the week I had the bike at home and was tinkering with it in the garage. I tried to fit the Scotts but didn't have a 32mm spanner needed to undo the headstock bolt.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423924216.737245.jpg

It felt good to find my way around the bike and get my jobs list sorted in my head. Unfortunately the Owners Service Manual that has arrived is in Spanish. Very frustrating as it looks like a great complete document. Lots of exploded diagrams covering all parts of the bike with torque settings etc.

Today first thing I took the bike for a 1hour break in spin

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423924642.347875.jpg

Once back at the yard it went into the workshop to get sorted.

First off it needed a good clean. The new bike grease on the chain had picked up a load of sand and then flung itself all round the front sprocket area. Grease and sand makes a brutal grinding paste so only very light lubes (WD40) will be used little and often in the future

Jobs that were done

Scotts installation completed. Because I've got it mounted under the bars (SUB ) I was concerned about the riding position but with the Low Rise Pro Taper Evo bars the riding position is more or less the same as stock. I spent a bit of time getting the bar position feeling good. The bars are rotated well forwards and I'm liking the feel of being forwards and space

IMS 11 litre tank installed. The 7.5 l stock tank is useless for the riding here. I don't think it makes sense for want I know a trail bike to be. The 11 litres will give me a maximum range of around 100km on the sand depending on conditions which gives me a margin of safety needed.

Getting the old tank off was easy apart from the hose clips on the FI pump. I think there must be a technique with these that I need to learn. It seemed very awkward

The tank fitted reasonably neatly although the front bracket seems a bit off. Once it tightened down everything was neat with no leaks or problems. I suspect I'm going to need to adjust the brackets to make the tank easy to pop in and off for maintainance. I don't want to be fighting it back on every time.

I've never messed with a fuel injected bike so it was a bit of a shock just how much "pump" was hiding up in the fuel tank. Removing it felt a bit like extracting the detonator from a bomb.

Side plastics needed trimming. This was easily done with a new blade in a Stanley knife. One of the fairing bolts was too far away from the original hole by about 10mm when it all went back together. It didn't seem important at all so just left it off rather than faff with spacers.

That 10mm does indicate that the bike is a bit fatter with the larger tank on.

There does seem to be a lot of electrics around the engine. I'm guessing most of it is sensors. Also up behind the light there is a big bundle. I'm really keen to simplify it but that may be one of those jobs that never reaches the top of the to do list

Stock long can was removed and FMF Powercore Hex installed in its place. Straight away I preferred the aesthetics of the shorter pipe. Also popped out the spark arrester. No need for those here!

Once the jobs were all done it was time to ride so I put an hour and a half on it with a solo blat out to cattle grid and back

Gawd damn it felt great!!!!!!!! Straight away I'm in love with this bike

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423926195.015461.jpg

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423926222.844371.jpg

It's not really a fair comparison between the morning "running in" ride and this afternoons modded blat but here are my impressions

The bike feels nicely light and feisty. I haven't set the sag yet but the steering felt light in a nice way rather than a twitchy way. The frame feels narrow and compact like a bike that wants to be thrown around a bit.

One thing I'm surprised by is how high the seat is firm the floor. At standstill I'm at full stretch balanced on tip toes. James also commented on it. Riding while sitting down doesn't feel unnatural. Are the pegs higher off the floor? Is the sag set hard? I need to answer these questions.

The FI is snappy in a responsive but not overly aggressive way. After the carb of the gas gas I was worried initially in the ride that it was going to take some getting used to but this concern quickly went away and was replaced by a grin

The engine felt like it was breathing very comfortably and had plenty to give intuitively from the throttle. It will be interesting to play with a GYTR programmer but to be honest if I never do I won't be overly concerned at this point. It all felt nicely enthusiastic and powerful in a predictable and controlled way.

Ive read a lot and was expecting issues but today I had zero problems with starting it off the electric start. Push and go first time every time. Haven't tried kicking it yet

Heading down to the Liwa tomorrow for 5 to 6 days of riding and I'm really excited to be on this bike. It's going to be a hoot

It would better to have the rally kit on though

It's going to be interesting the difference with the rally kit. Apparently in the boxes the kit weighs about 30kg but it will be less on the bike as some bits are replicated including front tank, pipe and battery

Jobs list atm:

Set up sag for current set up and evaluated for spring rates. I might need to go up one as I'm 79kg naked

Install voyager computer. I'm interested to see what temperature it runs at if nothing else

Order speedo cable and magnet from trail tech

Remove oem speedo cable (spacers on their way). It's ugly!! Will look at replacing the right fork plastic with a yz version to get rid of the bulge and neaten things up

Source, order and install large adjustment knob on Scotts. Standard one doesn't work easily with (chopped) bar pad in place

Install Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 and LHRB kit

Fit braided brake hoses

Install rally kit when it arrives. I will do a detailed build post on this as I think there is some really interesting stuff particularly around the way the nav tower attaches into the headstock bearings. I have questions about how much space this will take up and how it will integrate with the steering damper. I'm also interested to see how the electrics for the nav tower will set up and the 2 tanks will plumb in and work together

On the lower priority jobs list is to replace the front headlight with a yz number plate. I don't need the light and would rather keep it boxed for when I come to sell the bike they just get tradhed in the sun here. The yz plate will be neater, lighter and more practical. I'm also keen to get all the plastics white as this will be much neater with graphics

So all the interesting stuff (rally kit) is still to come but for now it's about riding lots. In Liwa the dunes are some of the biggest and most impressive on the planet. I'll try and post some pics during the week


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any news?

seems to be a horrible customsdepartment... (do they work??)

other issue what I would have is the dust out there,

get the air filter breathing properly and get a sock over the unit, (it has a specific name, but I forgot)

and a decent fuel filter, if you get it fitted (if room available) somewhere with quick connect, so their easily exchanged with a fresh one.

same same, with the tank(s) fit them with some quick connect couplings and a filter UNDER your fuel cap. (dust/ wind.. seems to be a lot of it @ youre end)

The problem is here in Dubai. The kit is apparently here according to DHL but not been released for some reason. Unfortunately this is kind of normal and one of the frustrations with living in this part of the world. I'm trying to be patient :(


To bide the time I've just spent 5 days training down in the Liwa area


16411187288_f2e893936e.jpg_MG_8222 by ianganderton, on Flickr

16597238611_0a9dc955b4.jpg_MG_8215 by ianganderton, on Flickr

Keith and James

16597827652_14cc89b7bc.jpg_MG_8199 by ianganderton, on Flickr

Westy tearing it up

16411277788_65da7b6b36.jpg_MG_8466 by ianganderton, on Flickr

Westy up up and away

15978625093_a804c45598.jpg_MG_8427 by ianganderton, on Flickr

horrible pictures..............

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