Brake Lights & R&G Tail Tidy



I have a 2007 WR450 with an aftermarket plastic number plate holder and brake light. I am interested in the stock looking rear brake light sold by bikemonkey that has the built in led indicators. In this link here


Has anyone ever bought one of these and can you tell me what you think of it. Because I do not have a stock rear light I have no idea how they fit exactly and whether I would need to find some kind of casing or stock rear fender to fit it to.


I have looked but can't see anything in the manual about the fitting and removal of the stock rear brake light unit. Can anyone explain to me what I would need if I bought the above product to fit it to a standard aftermarket fender?


I would still need an aftermarket number plate holder so was also looking at the R&G tail tidy for the WR450. Has anyone fitted one of these and can you tell me how it fits and whether it fits with the stock light somehow.



You will need the stock rear fender (approx £45 in the UK) as it has 3 bosses moulded into it, which the stock light matches up to - you can't mount it to a plain surface, you need the 3 bosses for it to fit against

There is also a cover which fits over the light, which you may need (approx £8)


I struggled with the stock light and trying to find a suitable number plate holder etc, but gave up with and now I use one of these


You don't really want the extra weight of the R&G tail tidy swinging around on the end of the mudguard

It will act a a big pendulum as the mudguard is not that strong

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Thanks that is the sort of information I was after.


I see your point about the tail tidy and I may not go that far. Although the stock looking rear light with turn signals is going to work out expensive with shipping and tax I really like the look of it like the stock one. I also want to possibly use a supermoto setup so would like the turn signals built in.


I may think about just getting the unit and making up a thin and short alloy bracket for the number plate. I seem to have the UFO number plate holder at the moment or something very similar and I just honestly can't stand the look of them it really bothers me, that is why I'm thinking of doing this also.


There is currently a bike on ebay and the person seems to have made up a small bracket or something with the stock light. Hopefully this is what I want to do, so that I can possibly remove it when only doing off road work but keep the light etc.

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Looks to just be a bracket utilizing the rear light mouting screws (much like the R&G tail tidy)

You will see that the number plate is inboard of the rear light

I didn't go this route because at full suspension compression on the rear, i was concerned the tyre would touch it  and rip it off.


tyres grow with speed, and the rear mudguard does flex a bit.

May not be a problem with a supermoto running 17ins rears but on a WR being used as it was intended it was too big a risk for me

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