need advice here

hey guys, i just sold a 87 pickup for 1200, the trucks body was in good shape and everything except the motor was mint, motor needed alot of work, well the day after i sold it (today) the buyer called because its broke down, aparently the water pump gasket went on it, this is a new problem to me, but i told him all of the other problems on it before he bought it, he also took it for 3 test drives and looked at the motor twice in the daytime, no he angry with me and wants his money back, what do u think i should do, i feel bad but honestly had no clue that this was going to happen, we already have a bill of sale written and the back of the title is signed by both of us, comments on what i should do next?

whoops didnt mean to post this one.

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Well, if he looked at it and took it for tests drives and stuff and it was to his standards and he obviously wanted the truck. He knew what he was getting and you probably told him the motor needed alot of work, as long as you really didnt know that the water pump or whatever was bad than it is his problem. Well even if you did know he bought it and it is still his problem. I say he bought the truck he keeps the truck. :)

For $1200 what does he expect? You were honest about the problems and gave him plenty of time to inspect it, don't feel guilty. If you want to be extra nice you can buy him a new water pump and gasget, I would think that's more than fair. I do not think that you should feel obligated to take the truck back.

thanks for the responses guys, i just got a hold of him, and he is mad but acepts its his responsabity, the only bad thing is i work with him,

In all due respects it's his tough s@*&. But to keep the line of friendship and working relationship, go see Manny, Moe and Jack. Pick up a rebuilt water pump, and offer to help HIM (new owner) put it on. If he say's it's not good enough or wants you to put it in, then just hand it to him and say sorry, your all done with the deal. This way you tried to meet him more than half way..


I'm more inline with SoCal. You could make a good faith offer of paying for half the cost of the repair. That truck is going on 15 years old and when someone buys it, there should be an assumption that it is "as is". In my state, you can get an "as is" agreement at the act of sale.

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