03/04 yzf 450 graphics on a 01 wr426??


I consider buying a YZ450F Graphic Kit SC Yamaha of Troy for my 2001 wr426f .. Does anyone know if i will be able to make them fit(both graphics and seat cover)? Or is it just a stupid idea.. :)

Thanks :D



Or is it just a stupid idea.. :)

Thanks :D


This is the correct conclusion. The parts aren't even close to the same shape and the graphics would most likely look like a mess of $60.

I did a '02 YZ graphics (moto-xxx) on my '02 WR. You can make it work, but, you need the same year. The radiator ears are the same. The tank is bigger, so, you may have to trim the tank decals, I did on the motoxxx kit. I have a rear YZ fender on my bike, so, the rear fender worked, but, it will not work on a WR rear fender. The front fenders are that same.

The seat cover was the hardest. The WR seat is sorter and wider in the front. The hardest part was getting the front to fit. The rear and sides are easy. In the end, I had to fold over the front and back a little. Use an electric stapler.

Do a search for my id, or YZ graphis on WR. I have a link with pictures and I describe exactly how I did it. :)

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