Bought 1999 yz400f-has some issues

Hi all-I just traded my Honda recon for a 1999 yz400f. It's a super nice bike (chain sprockets tires and bearings are all very good). It was probably 20F today, so I understand that it may be hard to start-however, it took a solid 15 mins for the owner to start it, and when I got it home, I let it idle for 20+mins with the choke on, and it would die if I put the choke In or touched the gas. I honestly believe that no amount of warming up wouldve allowed me to actually ride the bike today. I plan on checking the valves, but this seems like more of a carb issue-it has a full FMF system, so it's possible that the first owner put the system on and didn't properly tune the carb for it (or that's what I'm thinking?). The previous owner said it was always like this In the cold, and even In good weather it was still get temperamental.

I had a JD jet kit on my wr250f with a Powercore, and it worked well. I was thinking that another JD kit would be good, as I had such a good experience with them.

Any help/suggestions would be great-I plan on adjusting valves, changing oil and air filter, and possibly replacing the timing chain before spring.

Also, any other tips on the bike would be great

Here's the bike


Did you ever figure it out I'm missing the same plastic cub

It's a two year old thread.

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