ATTN: 03/04 guys

If any of you have gone to an aftermarket clutch perch/hot start assembly, I'd be interested in the stock perch/hot start setup. PM me if you have one available.

Never mind guys, my idea won't work :)

What was your idea? :)

It's on again! :) I only need the hot start perch half and the lever. PM me if you have one available.

Indy- I'm doing a "cheap" bar mounted hot start on my 00. I dont' want to shell out 100 bucks for a Dr. D then have it freeze in the carb. I'll post some pics when I get it done, I don't want all you WR guys stealing my good idea from me :D Stay tuned...

Come on guys, one of you must have a stock perch you aren't using. I'll buy the whole clutch perch if I have to (provided the price is right).

Dude I don't think people get rid of them that often. If I bought a aftermarket one, I'd keep the old one just in case. It's something that's going to break sooner or later. :)

You know, you really shouldn't jinx me like that! :)

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