should i buy one

im thinking of changing my xr400 for a wr400 1999 .my question is, are they reliable, and how hard are they to start as the xr is easy.

any other tips would be most appreciated


having had a xr400 they are easy to start and the bike is very predictable, what I call linear power. But, I sold it for a Yamaha and I would not go back. Both bikes come from seperate worlds. Would you have a problem starting a yamaha? I believe that it is in the mind, I have never had a problem. Good Luck :)

I have owned a 98 wr400 great bike killer power there is a technic to starting a wr400 or yz400 and it will start every time, learning when to use the hot start or choking and wicking the throtle before kicking is the key if it cold wick the throtle one or two times pull the choke and kick it should start or at least try to if it is hot or been running pull the hot start and kick if you stall it and it pull hot start kick it over 4 or 5 times and then kick for real every wr400 is a little different but if it is jetted right you will love that bike compared to an XR.

the only reason I bought a wr450 with electric start is I live in texas and racing in the sommer after two or three crashes you don`t want to kick on a 125 much less a 400. :)

i also traded in my 96 xr (600) for a 99WR 400F and love it...i felt like I went to a 125 2 stroke (weight difference). power is a completely different world (XR was a PIG compared to the WR)..I race District 37 desert and cant believe I used to ride my XR in these Enduros...I went from a 1 loop only or houring out on 2 loops on the XR to running top 3 in my class (Novice 30+ vet Open). NO RELIABILITY fact, I change the oil every 3-4 rides / races, clean air filter when dirty and have had the valves adjusted once. The WR400 is bullit proof...starting once figured out is usually a 1-2 kick affair. sometimes i wish i had e-start as the 400 is a bit easy to stall, especially in real tight, high stress situations. In fact I came in 2nd once due to a 4 kick after a stall where e-button probabaly would have gotten me going right away...maybe by moving the hot start button to handle bars would have also helped. OF COURSE DEPENDABILITY all depends on how the bike was treated before you got your hands on it...i was fortunate enough to get mine from my brother who is a 40+ year old beginner (too much bike for him) who decided to go to a quad. The bike had about 5 hours total on it...I want to go to the new WR450 but its not green stickerable for California.

I went from a 1992 XR600 to a 1999 YZ400. Rode the YZ the first 100 yards and realized that it handled so much better than the XR. They are 2 completely different animals. Don't think I will ever go back to XRs.

Once I learned the technique, the YZ started in one kick every time. not an issue with my newer WR450.

The yamahas are a pain to deal with in the registration department, but they sure are fun to ride!!

Yep i have ridden the standard xr400,and against a standard wr426 they are not even close,the xr runs out of power where the wr is just getting into it`s stride!(dunno bout the wr400 but would think it should have the making of the xr no worries)they are like chalk and cheese,as for starting,kick it like you mean it,don`t tickle it or it will just laugh at you(yeah sure the electric leg would be handy at times!)but once you get the feel of it,it will fire up ok :)

I just think that for an experienced rider WRs are better than XRs overall

GO for it!!! :)

Like everybody else all ready said 2 different bikes completely.I would do it in a minute.You won't be sorry.Maybe surprised but not sorry. :D:)

You will love the WR! We all do! :)

I went from an XR650R to a wr450f. I absolutley love the WR. It can be as easy to ride as the XR or it can be more like a sick big bore 2stroke depending on how you ride it and set it up. It feels like it has more power than the 650 and mine was uncorked with an edlebrock carb. I think it is a 1000 times better than an xr400. Now I know that a wr400 is differant than a 450, but from what people on here say about the 400's it must be pretty close. I was scared to switch from yamaha since I felt so comfortable with honda but now that I made the plunge I am so glad that I did. You WILL love it. The thing RIPS!!!!

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