2000 WR400 Fuel Tank: Were there 2 versions?

I cracked my gas tank on my 2001 WR426. After cross checking PN's and looking at pics etc. it appeared that it had the same tank as the 2000 WR400.


I ordered a 2000 WR400 tank off ebay and it looks nothing like my 2001. Petcock valve is even on the opposite side (right instead of left). See pic of what I bought, attached. After asking the seller what the tank was off of, he sent a pic of the vin: JYACH043XYA000082


Did I get screwed over, or is there another version of the WR400 I didn't and still don't know about?


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I believe there were 2 versions Big and small.... but NOT left and right. That would most likely be an after market one.

Update: I talked to the owner and he said it's probably aftermarket cause there were a lot of aftermarket plastics on that bike. Question is, does anyone know what this tank might fit? It won't fit my WR426, I'm not sure if the mounting screw would line up, but the seat sure won't line up.


Key features: petcock on the right, only one mounting screw, round looking on top. I can't find anything like it on the web. Attached are some more pics.


If anyone wants a tank for a good deal. I might know where to find one!





Surely there is something on this. I remember the first WR came with a very bulky tank. I think you swap it with later model or Yz but had to change seat as well. But can not really remember as not a Yamaha man yet.

This is a tank for a WR, but you must use a YZXXXF seat to make it work. The WR seat goes too far up the tank.There may be a difference between the 426 and the 250, but it is one of these. I'm not familiar with the YZ250 2 stroke, and it might be one of these, but it's probably not. It is an IMS tank for up to 2002 yz and WR. I also know that the 400 had different shrouds, but I think the difference was where they attach to the radiator. I'm 95% confident in these statements.

I found info on the Web that says the VIN number is for a 2000 wr400. I think the lack of an F is a typo. There was a '99 WR400 two stroke, but I can't find any ref to a 2000 two stroke. That tank looks just like an IMS tank my son had on his WR250F. The pocket in the tank for the front of the seat is IMS style, Clarke makes a large tank, but there is no pocket. The seat sits above the tank like the stocker.


The petcock is on the right side because that is the lowest part of the tank. This is a little bit of a drag because it is near the pipe, but people do it.


I'm 99.9% sure that all you need is a YZ400F seat - almost all aftermarket tanks for the WR use a YZF seat. The IMS tank does use the single mounting point also.


I looked on Ebay, and there is one tank that looks correct. Many of them use a later year model as an example. This can be seen by 3 mounting points for the shroud. Up to 2002 there were only two.

That is an IMS tank for the YZ. It will fit  the WR with the YZ seat as someone said. So to use it you would need to buy a seat. I have a 99 WR400 tank if you are interested. It should be the same as the 426. 

Thanks all. This gives me enough info to put this for sale on ebay!


Thanks for the offer @VinceDC. Just bought another ebay tank a few days ago.

If you can afford it, keep the tank and buy a used YZ seat.  The ergonomics of the aftermarket YZ tank are MUCH better than the stock WR tank.  Lots thinner in the knee grip area and you can slide WAY forther forward to help weight the front end when cornering.  Second best mod I made to my WR...right after the hot cams outo-decompression cam.

That is an IMS tank for the YZ. It will fit  the WR with the YZ seat as someone said. So to use it you would need to buy a seat. I have a 99 WR400 tank if you are interested. It should be the same as the 426. 

I know this post is super old. But i jist came across it. Do you by chance have that oem wr400f tank still?.

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