Carbuetor removal question?

I am redoing the top end on my 2006 YZ 450. Do I need to remove the carbuetor or can I just disconnect it from the cylinder and leave the cables attatched? Thanks for any help or advice, it is my first time.

You'll never get it far enough clear of the head unless the air boot is out of the way, the shock at least tipped back from the top mount.  It's just simpler and easier to work with if you pull the sub frame off and remove the shock.  You can leave the cables attached and hang the whole thing over the handlebars, though.

Thanks Grey, I ended up leaving some lines attatched and moved the carb out of the way. I also removed the shock. This gave me plenty of room to work.



I think you would spend more time trying to work around the carburetor than you would save by not removing it to begin with...not to mention the frustration factor of it being in your way!

Especially when you're doing the top end with the engine in the bike.  It's tricky enough to get the head down on the deck without knocking the chain guide out of place as it is.

I did get it all put back together and it goes great. It had 200 hrs on it. The piston and cylinder looked great. The only way you could tell there was any wear was measuring them. The valves were in great shape, just had them cleaned up. The timing chain showed some wear. It could have went for another 100 hrs .

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