Tuner worth it?

Does the woods map help a lot getting the fi bikes to smooth out the power at low rpm? Not talking about the jerkiness I just find myself having to be super careful with the throttle in trails, which wears me out pretty quick. Worth the $250? Already done the fww, and saving some cash for the Injectioneering mod despite the supposed risks of not getting the throttle body back

Yes! It makes a big differenc . I change maps depending on mud or dry. Etc

Keep checking ebay. I waited and found mine for $150. I'm sure you could get one for around that.

Ok thanks guys

I picked up a used tuner off craigslist for $175 canadian, loaded up the less hit map and headed out. What a difference! Awesome now. Less jerky too, I don't think I'll bother with the injectioneering mod at this point, although I'll have to try riding at Mcnutt again before I decide on that. Thanks for the advice guys

Yes the tuner is 100 percent worth it you can tune your bike among other things to your bike.

Does anyone have that woods map handy ? For an 11 450. Thanks in advance!

It's listed under the yz450 technical section it's one of the first threads lots of good maps there

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