FMF Q Exhaust

I just received a new FMF Q system and I can't believe how long the silencer is and how much it sticks out at the back of the bike! This sucks because I know that thing is going to get completely destroyed while racing.

I'm really tempted to sell it before it get's wrecked.

Anyone out have the Q system? Will it last some serious Enduro and Desert racing abuse?


Originally posted by FlyGi:

Anyone out there have the Q system? Will it last some serious Enduro and Desert racing abuse?


In my case it did not even last one race.

I probably had about 10 hours on it prior, and I did drop the bike on that side during the race, but it was an exceptionally harmless flop, I didn’t even take my hands off the bars.

Anyway you seem to have instinctively taken note of this pipe’s primary weakness, it’s sheer size and length. I think this would be okay if:

a) FMF put a rigid rear mount on there, like the stock unit, to secure the weight of the can. That cheesy strap mount they use allows the pipe to rock to and fro about the axis of the rear mount, eventually pulling the can out of the collector, elongating or ovalling out the four little (5 mm??) mounting holes. In essence these four small screws then are supporting the entire weight of that huge can. Not good.

:) Secured the can into the collector with springs, ala KTM or most Yosh pipes I’ve seen, this would seem to preclude the movement described in part A above.

In my case the thing came apart at the can/collector connection just before the end of the second of four loops. Since I then no longer had a sparky I was told at the next check that I would not be scored and my day was over. I also ruined my rear fender and side panel, but that is minor compared to the $300 I left in a sand wash in central NM.

The PC T4 I had was engineered 1000% better as far as durability goes, of course it may be the loudest pipe you can get and the header won’t clear the right side petcock of my Acerbis tank.

I haven’t tried one, but I guess if you want quiet you should try an Arrow system. I don’t know if they have an approved s/a model yet but I was told one was in the works.

I had a Q pipe on my bike for a week before I returned it. I have to agree with Hayseed, the mounting system is cheesy at best. FMF said roadbikes have used this system for years with no problems, but it sucks on a dirtbike. I also had a problem with my rear caliper hitting the pipe when the suspension is fully compressed, I put a nice ding in the bottom of the pipe. I sent it back and got my money back. I have a FMF powercore on now, it's louder but it's lighter and has a welded on mounting tab.


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