450f 06-09 interchangeble parts? help

so I have a 2009 yz450f, the motor has recently blown up leaving the bottom end destroyed....i was curious as to what other year bottom ends i could replace it with as the top end was spared....2008 2007 2006 ect.... what where the diffrences from that motor from say 06-09? from the pictures ive looked at they all seem the same?? also does anyone have any experience with other parts such as suspension off said bike being switched over to a newer year such as a 2010 2012 2013....I looked online for any information regarding this and could not find anything...if anyone has a link or some input I would greatly appreciate it

The engines '06-'09 were essentially identical, other than cams, minor carb changes, and CDI, and you can pretty freely mix/match them as you wish.  The forks might be adaptable to a '10+, but only by using the earlier triples, which would effect the handling of the newer bike because the offset is different.  The shock won't interchange.

Chain guide from my '08 went on my '13. Brake pads are the same. The Rekluse zStart Pro from my '06 worked in my '08 and now it is in my '13 so the clutch is essentially the same. I think the footpegs are the same but I haven't tried yet.

 thank you!! this information helps alot

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