Got the "shaft" from Chaparral

I ordered a $54 Bridgestone tire, and I asked how much 3 day shipping would cost. The lady on the phone told me that they could only estimate, and she couldn't give me an exact figure.

The estimate that she gave me was $37.00 !! I told her that was way too much to pay for shipping, and I would just go ground for $9.00..

She then told me again, that this was an estimate and the actual cost WOULD be much less than $37.00, somewhere in the $20.00 range.

So I agreed.

The tire came when she said it would, and I called to see how much was charged to my VISA for shipping.

They charged me $63.00 for shipping !!!

After two angry phone calls, I got them to knock it back down to $37.00...

I'm still not pleased however, I wouldn't have agreed to that much in the first place.

Oh well, live and learn.. It's Rocky Mountain from now on..


That is CRAP.

These ppl ship stuff next day everyday.....why would she estimate something?

I work for an airline and if someone came up and asked how much for a ticket to LAX and I told them ummmmm........about 900buck or so! What do you think they would tell me? I DONT CARE IF YOU ARE NEW........FIND OUT EXACT.....if you dont know how......don't pretend. ASK. it is not hard to lean over and ask a fellow employee how to find out or maybe they know off hand or maybe their is a training # to call and ask.

Man this really eats at me when this crap happens.

I recently moved from the ramp loading frt/mail/bags and don't know a lot about the tkting stuff but stumble thru ok. If I have a quest I cannot answer I ALWAYS ask. even if it is the 100th quest of the day to the person next to me! After all ......the guy I am about to TRY to help is indirectly PAYING my 401k ,feeding my fam and putting all of these tires , parts on my HURRICANE! I should at least treat him with respect and HONESTY.........AMEN!

Sorry for venting guys!



When you called back did you get to speak with a manager? Mail order and repeat customers are these guys bread and butter....I would definetly make sure someone in management was aware of your feelings (in regards to their poor customer service).... I used to work for Hallman Racing (now THOR) and KTM would not believe the mark up on the gear/parts we buy.....The least they could do would be to pay for the shipping....


Now that all of you mention about bad service, let me complain for the service of Global Moto Outlet, they never have what they offer on his site. Last time, i mean last for ever, i ordered nexy day a pants and a jersey, i call them the next day (thursday) that i make the order and they tell me that the have already shipped, but the friday i did not recive nothing so i call them again and ask about my order they tell me that they dont have the things..!!!!

So they shipped on Monday and they charge me any way with the next day shipping cost...!!!!!

So be aware with those guys.

I'm hearing good stuff about Rocky Mountain.....

Anybody have the link or URL for Rocky

Mountain? I can't seem to find it. btw: I've had great service and fast delivery from Bobs Cycle.


Rocky mountain is outstanding. I have been to their store in Payson Utah several times and the guys are great to work with. And get this, they actually ride! The web link is Sorry you got the shaft!

I also have to psuh for Rocky Mt. I had an experience with a snitty sales person(female) about a year ago and sent them an email stating that I would not do business with someone who was rude and nasty tempered. The manager and president contacted me and assured me this person would be dealt with accordingly, plus, I was sent a $50 gift certificate as atonement. Now that's what I call professionalism. I buy all my tires from them now.

Yes, This place is very popular for mail order and we all know that they ship tires all day long! heres what I think the lady was a little lazy to even ask a co-worker or some other sales person who would have a clue on what the price would be. Im in wholesale and if the price of a product changes, it is my Duty to contact my vendor IMMEDIATELY on that matter! I Too would notify a GM or a higher authority on the matter. At least you got the price down to $37.00

peace out! :)

Did you go with some "special shipping" like over night or something. I've ordered tires from them in the past and was only charged $10.00 a tire.

Hey moderators............

With all the support of Rocky Mtn. , why don't you guys maybe make a solicitation of advertising here to them?

I bet they would drum up a little biz in here!


If I could be of any help let me know. I live near RMATV

Yikes. I really don't see how places like that stay in business. What's wrong with the moto industry that permits shoddy service and rip-off shipping?

Rocky Mountain is the way to go for tires. Told me EXACTLY how much I was to pay. Not an estimate.

Bobs Cycle Supply was reasonable as well.

Like you said. Live and learn.


Steve T

That is BS! Estimate? This place ships tires all day. They must have a scale and computer system that will tell them to the penny, how much it will cost.

I truely believe we are getting gouged often enough without companies resorting to this kind of tactic.


Thanks for the support guys, it's not the end of the world it just pissed me off! I usually only buy from Rocky Mountain, but they didn't have the tire I needed in stock, so I thought I would try Chaparral since I needed the tire by the weekend, and they had it for the same price.

Yeah, I also thought it was strange that she couldn't give me an exact amount for 3 day shipping. But she told me that they definitely couldn't, but she was sure that it wouldn't be the whole $37.

I even asked her about 5 times before I gave her my card # if she was sure that it wouldn't be the whole $37. She said that she had shipped road tires to Puerto Rico, and it would only cost around $20. So Delaware should be the same or less.

I did talk to a manager both times I called and complained. The first time she said that she would "talk" to the sales person, but couldn't do anything about the shipping charges. After about an hour, I was so pissed off that I called back and nicely told her that I didn't feel I should have to pay the $63 for shipping, and she knocked it down to the $37....

Like I said, not the end of the world just a little annoying.


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Well i must say I would have been pissed off also. I ship motorcycle parts all day long as it is my job. I ship tires too. I deal with expensive BMW motorcycles but do deal with aftermarket companies like parts unlimited and Tucker Rocky. Most of these companies don't even charge shipping (ground) if you make a minimum order of $50 if you are a business. Next day air shipping is expensive but trust me I know exactly what it costs to ship every individual order to the penny. Now what it costs me and what it might cost you will be different but only should be by a couple of dollars. The markup on shipping that she gave you is outragious! I am on the east coast and shipping a tire to the west coast 3 day select by UPS would be well under $20. I would raise hell with them because I have to weigh each package and then put it into my computer so I know exactly what I am charging. $37 dollars is still too much. Just my 2 cents. We do have some markup on products and parts but I can still give reasonable prices. Anybody need anything aftermarket from Parts Unlimited like tires, plastics, oil, etc. let me know and I will at least quote you an honest price on the parts and the shipping. Need anything e-mail me Glad to help and shipping is reasonable. Normal size package ground service starts at $8.95 shipping. Damn I'll be glad when warm weather gets here I want to RIDE!! Frank

Thanks Frank, I may take you up on that some day.

I too am waiting for warm weather. We still ride in the cold, but it can be a pain.


By the way....F#*% Hipersports too. Dont waste your time with them also. Ive been waiting on a Nstyle rear fender decal since October. Ive called about every three weeks or so just to see if they can pull off the amazing feat of sending a customer what he ordered, but Ive finally given up hope. Bye the way, I bought one from MX south in December with no problems. I just left the Hipersports order open the see how bad they really suck.


Rocky Mountain is the way to go Pals !!! I have ordered from several Moto Outlets and have received excellent service from all of them, Chaparral-Racing, Motoworldracing, Motorcycleusa, but nothing compared with the service at Rocky Mountain !!! :)

flying G

here is how good Hypersports svc is.........

I ordered about 4-500bucks worth of stuff and including my Hurricane kit. They promised me it would be HERE on friday.(it is now monday)The following monday rolls around and still nothing.

I called on tues and they said that the airbox decals were supposed to be in today and they would ship that afternoon(tues),should be there by friday 10am!

Friday 5p shows up and NOTHING.I call and they have NO clue what I was talking about. I talked to the manager or owner or whoever and they researched it. He called me back at 6pm on friday and explained that the only thing they had ready for the shipment was the airbox decals! :)


I hung up and called my local dealer for some assistance.He ordered directly from ONE IND and had it here by sat/10am and it was on my bike by sunday.

Here is the KICKER.........

Nearly 4months later they called back and made sure it was ok to ship my order! :D

Being quick witted ........I said yes but to only send it COD because my card had expired! I also asked them to ship it NEXT DAY AIR so I could have it quick.

I fealt a little vendictive but I soon got over it and fealt as if a payback was well deserved!

When the FEDEX guy showed up I just had him right it down as REFUSED! :D

Mad me feel at least a little satisfaction!

So as I said B4.......

piss.gifHyper-Sport in Co. :D

Thumpin Rock,

Good for you...I'll do the same if I get the chance. Once again, F Hypersports!


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