2009 yz450f timing issues :(

I just adjusted the valves on my yz450f, and now I can't seem to get it timed correctly. I'd time it perfectly and then I'd make sure I'm still at TDC and then I put the cam caps on and double check. After that I'd put the tensioner in, make sure I'm at TDC and then check my timing and it would be a little off..I don't get it, I've taken the damn thing apart like 7 times lol My other question is how many posts on the timing chain between the cams? I'll be working on it tomorrow so any advice will help. P.s I am not a noob and I have experience working on 4 strokes..I'm just stumped on this one lol

You say it's "a little off".  The question to be answered next is, "Would it be better if it was moved one whole tooth?"  Or maybe the marks don't line up exactly perfect? 


They won't.  Set the exhaust cam in first, and roll it back so that it tightens the front run of chain down to the crank.  Check TDC, check the cam.  Then roll the chain onto the intake cam and roll it down into the head.  Push your finger into the chain tensioner bore to snug the chain, check TDC, check the cams.


Regarding pins between cams, it's 13 on your bike.  But that's only to be used as an assembly aid and cross check, not to time the cams.


One thing most likely to cause the marks not to align well is a stretched cam chain.  You should replace yours every 12-18 months. 

Thanks a lot. I'll follow you're procedure tomorrow when I work on the bike after school. Hopefully I'll have her running so I can tear shit up in the snow hahaha. Thanks man

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