Any burnt regulators for the '03 WR ???

Just a quick question,

Have any of you 2003/04 WR 450f owners experienced any burnt regulators/stators or even headlight bulbs.

If so was it an isolated incident or did there seem to be a design problem or anything?

My reason for asking is in regards to the dual sport kit that I ordered. They tell me that if I run AC power from the regulator to the headlight using the kit that I will experience burnt out headlight bulbs and even regulators.

The thing is... that is how the bike is in stock form (AC to the headlight).

I think they are telling me a story. I'm just not exactly sure why.

I'm still using my original bulb and I use it all the time.

The 03 schematic is not very good in the manual, but the following is my understanding of the available power:

There are 2 AC sources coming from the magneto on the 03. One is a low current AC source which is converted to DC and regulated to 12 volts for the ignition and house keeping. It can't handle power of the lights too. The other is a higher current AC source which is AC regulated to 12 volts to run the lights. I have been told that the higher one can only handle 60 watts or so (stock bulb is 55 watts?)

Hope that made sense.

The question is; How many watts can the regulated source handle? Anyone figure it out yet?

I think my regulator is fried. I just installed the Baja Designs kit a few weeks ago, and thought everything was working fine until I took it out for my 1st nite ride.After about 15 min. I noticed my headlight getting dim. I pulled over and as I rev the engine the light gets dimmer.I did get a reply back from Baja designs, stating that my regulator was likely to be the problem.He also said , he has seen a lot of regulator problems, both with , and without the kit installed.I just dont want to fry another one, without first finding out why this is happening. 03 wr450.

If anyone needs a regulator/rectifier for an 03/04 I have a brand new one in the box I need to sell. I ordered it for my 02 and thought it would work but it is not even close.

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