Nut protection

Since I got my new 02, I've been racking my nuts constantly. My old bike had a much softer seat so it wasn't much of a problem. Anybody have any tips on how to protect my boys? I am thinking of getting a cup but I'll bet it's gonna chafe like a sandy armadillo. Maybe Fox should come out with special moto-jock.

guts racing offers foam in soft, stock , and firm .you can also get stock , or tall heighth , and seat covers .

Loose the boxers and run some tighty whities :)

sandy armadillo... you funny

I wear a pair of bicycle racing shorts. They have a special padding in the crotch. They are the typical "spandex" thing that everyone makes fun of, but they feel good. Also, that padding helps to cusion your whole bottom end more. DO NOT WEAR UNDERWEAR AT ALL WITH THEM...they are designed like that.

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