Unusual fork bushing wear

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423184341.102104.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423184394.621708.jpg it appears that the coating has been eaten away by the other bushing. Both were replaced around 40hrs ago. Does anyone know what caused this?

Removing them.

That's the only time the two bearings can contact each other.  The damper rods prevent the fork from extending that far. 


Looks pretty beat up, though, doesn't it?  Did you have to slam it several times to unseat the seal?  When you pull the fork apart after removing the retainer clip, it's usually better to use one or two very forceful impacts than a larger number of more moderate ones.  Does less damage.


The coating looks like it turned brittle/flaky. (?)

Did you forget to remove the circlip at first?

Yes It did take a number of tries to unseat the seal and it seemed harder than normal. And yes I did remove the retainer clip above the seal first.

The coating does look like it has the "peeling paint" appearance. The other fork bushings looked normal. I've just never seem this before and was wondering. Either way new ones are already in. Thank you for your time guys!

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