WR 250F and 450F Dual sport conversions...what's what and who's who

Old Mossy here, I'm typically found at TT in the CRF250L forum 'cause my wife has one for her DS machine.


I started this new thread 'cause I see there is no FAQ forum here and I didn't want to swim through all you convesations just yet.


We each have WR's for our dirt bikes...we ride enduro and poker runs all over Washington State. We have 2009's...hers a 250 mine the 450. We can get them plated now in our state with some mods and are moving down that path after we were given the info that one of our buddies has a dealership liscence and will do the paper work/ inspection for free.


I see many dual sport kits and ofcourse don't desire to spend any money we do not need to. However we do like quality and can afford anything.


What is the best kit to go with or should we just buy piece parts to get the same result ?


BTW, our WR's have all the YZ mods, Rekluse clutches with left hand rear brakes and we are going with JD Jetting soon.


Our need for plates is just for piece of mind should we run low on fuel and need to road them back to the truck down the county road.


Oh crap...now I see the FAQ...


Please respond anyway...


Cheers !

Oh crap...now I see the FAQ...


Please respond anyway...


Cheers !

 Oh, I see, please respond...

Your state has pretty easy rules to met doesn't it?  I'm not sure on the rules there... 


You may just need a few simple mods.

Yes, its not bad...


DOT headlight and brake light. Mirrors, turn signals, horn and speedo.


The tires are not an issue and neither is the exhaust.   At least not where we ride...

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