Yz450 stator. Help!

I tested my stator and 2 of the numbers where higher than they were supposed to be that mean it's bad or do the numbers have to read lower and/or 0 for it to be bad?

The reason I ask about my stator is bc the bike was killing out when it got hot and wouldn't start till cool again and now the has no spark at all and will not start

Checked the plug coil and it was good but the stator was not reading within the specs that the manual gave the numbers were higher.

When trying to diagnose a problem it is best to talk about specifics.  At this point I assume you are speaking of measuring the resistance through the magnetic coils on the stator. 


Yes, if the resistance is measured properly and it is higher than the designed spec. given in the manual then most likely you have an issue with the stator, such as an open coil.


Diagnosing an ignition system that does not have spark can be a daunting task for the uneducated.  Basically take your time, read the manual until you completely comprehend what they are trying to convey to you, then test and re-test until you can duplicate your results several times.


The easiest way to find the problem is to have a donor bike with know good parts and swap parts until you find the problem.  Then inspect the faulty part until you understand why it is faulty, if you care to know, why.

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