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I'm 6'5" 245lbs..What is the best way to lift or raise my handlebars to fit my height?

There's a few different ways to go. If you ever plan on running a steering damper (i.e. Scotts, GPR, etc), then consider buying a new triple clamp that raises and moves the the bars forward a bit that also accepts the damper you plan to buy. The other method is to use Thumper Racing bar risers which you can buy from various aftermarket shops. There's a lot of bar choices out there and the Jimmy Button bend is popular with taller riders. I've been using the CR-HI bend with good results and I'm 6'5", but I'd probably be happier if they were a bit taller. Depending on how high you raise the bars, you may also have to buy new cables.

The Jimmy Button bars by themselves do not warrant new cables, but if you add bar risers or a new triple clamp that moves the bars forward and higher, then you'll likely need longer cables.

i am 6'4 - i use the thumper racing bar risers and the jimmy button renthals - the stock cables work you just need to reroute them. :)




jeff :D

i use the thumper racing bar risers and the jimmy button renthals - the stock cables work you just need to reroute them.

That's good to know cause I was told by another person that the cables were too short, but he was running the 1.5" tall bar risers with the Jimmy Button bars? I don't have any first hand experience with the bar risers or Button bend bars, so it very nice to have your input.

Are your risers 1" or 1.5" tall?

I remember him having to run the cables over the top of the tank mount and turning the throttle housing so the cables faced backwards to make the most of them, but he had to run the decompressor cable underneath everything else. At first his bike stalled when the handlebars were turned all the way to the side, so he had to loosen the adjustment on the decompressor cable to stop that from happening and the decompressor still functioned just fine.

I'm looking for bar risers too, but for my XR400. Nice pictures posted. I found this site with risers for XRs http://www.zianet.com/genmar/

I picked up the Thumper risers as well. I got the 1.5 raise, I am very pleased with the fit. I run the Button bars as well.

FlyByWire, did your stock cables work? Was there any slack or did they just barely reach?

I'd like to know also.

I'm looking at Jimmy Button bars and risers too. I think I need the grips to be about 2" higher than stock, and will try the JB bars first and see where that gets me.

It looks like the stock bars and Renthal JB bars are the same 7/8" diameter. Is this true?

they are the 1.5 risers with the buttons - they do work but it is tight - i had the same problem with the decomp at first when i would turn sharp it would kill the bike - i now run the perch in a little on the bars and that cured the problem :D i have 8 pics of my set up and how a did the cables i can email them to you guys just pm me your email :)

jeff :D

JWS, I sent you a P/M for the pics. Thanks in advance. All your help and pics have helped tons. :)


I had no problems with the cables, I had to re-route them just a little, but thats it. I got the reccomendation from JWS as well. Best thing I've done to the bike aside from suspension.

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