why do you guys hate quads so much!?

There are good and bad riders on both sides. Dont put everyone with a quad on your "quadtard" list. When im on a quad, im way back in the bush. Sometimes on game trails, sometimes goin to play in the big mud holes. When i had my race quad, i used to ride a "bike only" section to get to our track we built and there were no major changes in the trail. Also never had a problem with other riders on their bikes. Slow down and pay attention on trails, not everyone's goin the same way

I'm speaking as a strictly track rider, but I don't ever get pissed at other dirt bike riders unless they are a complete idiot, and I feel like that's rare. I'm not even joking, but 9 out of 10 quad riders who go to the local tracks are complete goon's with no sense of others safety, or an interest in keeping said facility open.

I specifically seek out track time that doesn't allow quad riders to share the same space as us for safety reasons now. Dodging slower 500 pound machines that continue moving without an operator on board is not my idea of fun in a practice environment.

Ah, well...so far I haven't been on the track with quads. Not that I race a lot...but they have their own practice/race.

Ah, well...so far I haven't been on the track with quads. Not that I race a lot...but they have their own practice/race.

Depending on the practice event or open day, they split up time for quads here. Some tracks have designated days where quads are welcome to ride with bikes, and other days where it's bikes only. Luckily the practice tracks I ride that are private do not allow any quads. That mainly goes back to maintenance and not safety issues tho. It's a bit different when you have to water, disc and bulldoze your own track.

Budds Creek open practice days are broken into A/B, C/D, mini, and quad, 15 minute sessions each.

I only hate quads when there on single track were they don't belong and there are way more goons on quads than bikes doing doughnuts standing on the sissy bar trying to ride wheelies and I've seen a lot of post on this thread about how a bike will tear up a trail just as much as a quad lmfao I can't believe they would even post that crap.....

Damn couch riders.

I'm gonna give it to you like it is. It's kinda like the gays. They insist on doing something that is offensive to other people and then cry about it when they get flak. The same goes for the Moto community. We are offended by you riding on our tracks on such goofy machines. It's like a go Kart with handle bars. It is embarrassing to us and were embarrassed for you. That's the way it is. Couch potato.

Get proof yet?

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Damn couch riders.

I'm gonna give it to you like it is. It's kinda like the gays. They insist on doing something that is offensive to other people and then cry about it when they get flak. The same goes for the Moto community. We are offended by you riding on our tracks on such goofy machines. It's like a go Kart with handle bars. It is embarrassing to us and were embarrassed for you. That's the way it is. Couch potato.

Lol, you wouldn't last two laps going fast without pulling off and complaining about armpump and being tired...

yet i wonder how an atc would work in the track

Arm pump? I don't get arm pump sitting on my couch. I am sorry you do on yours. Ehm what are you doing on your couch anyway?

i can't stand quads.

Rarely if ever have I seen a drunk idiot with no helmet and sandals with two kids piled on tearing down the staging area..... on a bike. See it every weekend on quads though.

If they gain a modicum of skill and move beyond the staging area (rare) then they simply ruin every good bit of trail they can fit that heavy stupid couch on wheels into. They blow out berms and ruts, ruin the lip and tranny on jumps and clobber single track. They are massive contributors to land and trail closures and I loath anything that unnecessarily results in land closures.

They are also overly dangerous, not only to the kid riding them but to everyone else out there. Quad riders are notorious for flying down sand washes out here and coming around blind corners hogging the entire trail. Several riders including friends of mine have been hit by quads and sustained serious injuries, last one was broken femur due to the quad taking up the entire wash.

Additionally I have to wonder about any able bodied person who would choose to ride a quad over a bike in any situation accept farming or pulling an elk out of a ravine on a hunt. Those are utility 4x4 quads and they serve a legitimate purpose. MX or racing quads? Grow some nuts and buy a bike.

YEP.......pretty much sums it up :thumbsup:


Stupid rednecks and their racin fooor wullurs

Their for faggots!

Stupid rednecks and their racin fooor wullurs

^^Some people here are really entertaining.... lol

(Sarcasm if you didnt catch on)

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Here's proof enough that bike riders can be just as inexperienced as how you think every quad rider is.

And I'm not saying I hate bikes... I ride both and have fun on both. Btw it's not like riding a couch, actually I'm way more sore after a day of riding the quad then the bike.

3 years ago I was on a track and approaching a quad at a pretty fast speed. He decided to change lines right in front of a 60' double he was attempting to clear. He came up short and wrecked leaving his refrigerator on wheels parked on the landing ramp directly in front of me. I had no time to avoid the collision as I had just left the ground. Bent forks, broken front wheel and a bent front rotor later, I was done for the day, but unhurt.

The clown had no business being on a race track. Raptor 660 quad, gutted muffler, only gear he was wearing was a beat ass helmet. He was rocking fake oakley shades, work gloves and boots, jeans and a sleeve less t shirt. He left in an ambulance with a compund fracture in his arm.

I hate quads and quad riders with a passion. The majority of them seem to think it's cool to pound Coors lite before going out. They think it's cool to "warm up" in the gravel parking lot by blasting up and down without a helmet. They think it's cool to have the loudest pile of shit on the track.

If I owned my own track, rule #1 would be quads not allowed.

quad riders are morons, even in very far country outside U.S

no tracks, just everywrhere. they cause political damage to entire offroad riders, they are bunch of &%$#@! with no skills, just lots of "show off" and open pipes in the neighbourhood

I'm quite sure its starts with asking why quads hate dirbikes. I ride a bike (I don't have anything against quads I just feel more comfortable riding a bike) However, its the quad riders that complain about us dirtbikers. We are the ones that get screwed out of trail systems even though we have to register the same way and at the same price no less, and we can't even use them in a fraction of thenumber of places. We have way more restrictions because of quad riders (not saying ALL but majority rules don't it?) complain and want the woods to be nice and quiet and be out for a leisurely ride at 5mph. I don't understand why (well I do...ie. our government, it all seems to work the same way...rich, old, bored and complainy always wins) but we are not the only ones that have zippy riders, quads do too and do just as much damage if not more (2x's as many wheels) and im sure you all like to have your fun and a hell raising time, we all do! thats why we ride, otherwise you can just drive your car down some logging roads and sight see that way. Nobody buys any type of ATV to do 5mph, if you do stay in your own yard you tool! It's bothersome too, that they don't FIT on all of the trails (but they do anyway), and theres hardly a way to pass..if there is, that quad rider makes it out to be like somebody passing in a car on double soilds at 100mph after tailgaiting. NOT TRUE (most of the time I hope) but this is what they play it out to be like and why we get kicked out of the trails. Its supposed to be fun, supposed to ride hard (not reclessly or above your riding abilty) supposed to test yourself throught the tecnical stuff, try to jump, try to kick up the dirt. Just now adays it seems like quads are a "status" (nose up and stuck up) and run the dirtbikes out like we are deragned dogs with rabies.

Thats why dirtbikers (the ones that do) hate quads. (my version anyway).

They ruin our ruts

They make their own shitty ruts we can't use

They ruin jump faces on muddy days

They don't have to balance...aka its easier than riding a bike

They usually are the most retarded ones because newbie/idiots are most likely to pick up on atv's rather than bikes.

There are those "wanna be rednecks" that go out on state owned trails and do doughnuts in the middle of the trail in overalls, mud boots and a helmet.

They are bigger than us and it they hit us, we are F*****, and they are probably fine or less injured.

(There are plenty of idiots who ride bikes too, and I have nothing against quad guys unless they give me a reason.)

you do have to balance a quad.. A quad is harder to ride on an MX track or anywhere if l your going fast.. And balance on a quad is important.

I've seen a group of bike riders ripping up an down trails trying to pass each other the whole time leaving a 10. Foot wide trail of just ruts and I've seen every group of quads (almost every) will ride in a straight line not trying to fly past each other the whole time..

No reason too....yet. Only seen one quad but possible a utv mess up a singletrack, no biggie. I have yet to experience something to make me dislike quad riders. I can see the rut blow out problem....and I sure wouldn't like to come head to head w/ one on a 50 incher, I think plowing into a fellow dirtbiker would be a lot nicer.

RachL as a quad rider its nice to hear about bikes getting the shaft somewhere, because down here theres no place to ride quads, and esp no tracks, thats why i picked up a cr250r and a crf230. The tracks here like quads because they use us for track maintenance, removing rocks, making the turns where they can disk deeper, then they kick us out. I have has a track owner tell us bikes cause more physical damage other then just ruts in the turns, bikes cut lines and ruts into whoops, the faces of jumps and create holes in landings. There must be a perfect balance of ruts because the riders are complaining if there isnt enough or the track is too rutted.

Out of everyone here who posted that its easy to ride a quad or they dont see how anyone can enjoy riding them ever rode one? other then a utility across a parking lot? or are you just repeating the same crap thats been said for the past 20 yrs? also ive seen people who never ridden a bike get on one and ride, might not have been pretty or fast but they did ride it so anyone can ride a bike also, its was 15 yrs since ive last been on 2 wheels. As far as damage bikes will cause as much damage as a quad can, since i have a bike now ive only rode at private property single track and theres ruts peg deep, and the trail is very evident, and its only a select few riders that go there. (last ride maybe 10 guys all together) They actually started this place because the last property they had became too rutted out and rocky, from some of the other members who used it to practice for hare scrambles.

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