Trail suspension settings

What do you guys think is a good setting for the front a rear shock for trail riding? I just had the springs changed out to .50 front spring and 5.8 for the rear to be closer to my 200lbs. I know they say for the rider sag it should be from 90-105 and my buddy that sets quad shocks up said I should have the compression open 60% and the rebound open 45% on both the front and rear.

Your in Pennsylvania so I'm assuming woods trails?


There is no way to determine the best settings for you without knowing what your speed is or exactly what the terrain is like but you can start with a decent baseline that should get you close.


You weight is probably on the light end of those springs so I would run the compression damping pretty soft and the rebound midway for starters.


Just to get started I would start with the fork and shock compression out 15 clicks, fork rebound out 10 clicks and the shock rebound out just 6 clicks (the '06 shock is known to have very weak rebound damping). Shock high speed compression I would set at 1-3/4 turns out.


On that '06 I would set the race sag at 95mm and I would raise the forks up in the clamps 5mm to get it to turn a little quicker.


Don't be afraid to play with your settings...just pay attention to how many clicks out you are. There are times when I have run my clickers all the way out for slow, rocky, rooted trails, then run them way in for higher speed/bigger hit stuff.

Ok and I can see any thing from a whooped out haul road to a rocky single track in PA and then a smoother whoopy sand track in NJ so I guess I'll keep a pretty good log of what I'm doing in PA and then change the settings in NJ. For the weight I wear the usual protection gear and a camlebak full of water and tools so I'd say I'm around 210-215 with everything on and a WR gas tank or IMS 3.2 gallon tank that I ran last year but I think I'll stick to the WR for now cause I never came close to running out on the IMS.


I don't know how much you can tell by the video but this is pretty much what I'll be riding in NJ.

and the usal PA riding

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I got the rebound and compression set but I can't do the sag till I get the bike back mostly together, I did set the front compression to 12 clicks out and rebound to 7. The rear shock I set to 1-3/4 turns out, 10 clicks on the slow setting and rebound 5 clicks like you recommended. Thanks

So now that the bike is pretty much back together I'm going to start at the rear sag at 95mm but is there a benefit to running a little more sag?

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