2012 450 spark plug

going thru my 2012 wr450 for the upcoming riding season. new tire. new grips. new plug.  clean, lube and adjust everything.  here's what I found.  my question is has anybody seen or had this issue and what did you do to correct it.  old plug placed next to new plug for refference


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Make sure your drain hole is open and put a new plug in it. Start the bike after washing and let it warm up then shut it off.

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Gotta run it for 5 min after a wash

Use anti-sieze on the new plug threads....

Due to the design (cam chain on left side) the drain hole is on the right hand side of the cylinder head

If you wash you bike and then put it on the side stand the water doesn't drain out


Either run the bike as stated above, or spray some WD40/GT85 down the drain hole and crucially tip the bike over to the right hand side so the spark plug well can drain.

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