bike height

have not owned a motocross bike in a long time. I went out a bought a new 426,but I can only touch the ground on my tippy toes. Any suggestions of how to lower the bike without giving up the plush suspension perks.


The biggest thing is to make sure your spring rate is correct. Bike should sag 15-25mm under it's own weight as measured from a spot on the fender to the rear axle bolt. With you ON the bike sitting in the "attack" position, you should strive to get 95-100mm of sag. If after setting your loaded sag, the "free" sag is LESS than 15mm, you need a STIFFER spring. If your free sag is MORE than 25mm, you need a SOFTER spring. Sounds backwards, but just read it, it

makes sense. Once you are rolling on the track, the height won't matter, and shortening the suspension travel is a BAD idea for motocross use especially. Some speed challenged riders lower the suspension at the expense of travel, but if you even a moderately fast novice rider, this is NOT the way to go.

But if after setting the suspension and after breakin of the suspension you are finding yourself still a little too short then give your local suspension shop a call or Jeremy@MX Tech a call. Because I know for a fact that Jeremy has a good deal experience with setting up a bike for a shorter person because he did a setup for a shorter riding buddy of mine. He has a WR426 and Jeremy was able to take some inches off of it without losing any travel.

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