I want supermoto wheels for my '06 wr450f

Can somebody please point me in the right direction? Thank You


Maybe am dumb but site seems difficult. I failed multiple times at registering: couldn't get "referrer" correct, nor do I know the answer to : "supermoto knowledge". :( I just want some SM wheels, that's all. I had a drzSM once, it was a blast except for its lack of power. Now I have this wicked(to me) street legal WR and I want some wheels to swap on it once in awhile


I saw those and was curious I'd they any good?

I saw those and was curious I'd they any good?

Which ones the more you pay you usually get better wheels. Warp 9's are one of the least expensive and are heavy.

The warp9s. See, I wudnt have thot least expensive, or known heavy. TY. My Friend claims he can build me some wit tires for around $800

I run Sun Rims, Buchanan spokes and stock OEM WR hubs. Consider if your speedo is important to you or not. All WR hubs fit all WR years. Mine were off an older bike but fit the 2013 just fine. Found em second hand on Craigslist. Supermotojunkie was a good source for info. Don't get tires that are too fat or you will have chain rub issues. I have not changed the brake rotors and am satisfied with them for now.

$800 with tires is very cheap. What brand spokes/rims?

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