chain guard ?

What chain guard are u guys using? I just put the maxima chain wax on. Is this stuff any good? I am trying to get away from the chain guard stuff that flings all over the place!

You mean chain lube?



I have used the Maxima chain wax for years, I ride a lot of sand and it seems to attract less contaminants than the other lubes I have used.
I have never kinked a chain while using it, either!

I am using a Polisport chain guide on my swingarm, but I just put it on and have not ran the bike since I got it. It was cheap, but had good reviews and claims to hold up longer than an OE guide, which has been on the bike a long time!

Thanks for the feed back! I knew it was supposed to be "chain lube" on the title, but I went full retard.

We'll see how that chain wax works!

Wash the bike, clean the chain lightly (no direct contact with the actual rollers, just the plates)

Put the bike on a stand, start it, put it in gear, and coat the INSIDE of the chain with a water displacer (like WD-40) at the countershaft area

Use a rag to catch the fling-off (be careful, do it at the rear sprocket)

Then lightly coat with chain wax, on the INSIDE of the chain.


Do not bother lubing/waxing the inside of the chain, it will not stay.


Been doing it like this for 7 years, and my VT-2 chains last 100+ hours.

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