HELP: LED flasher relay

Alright so I've tried almost everything and im stumped, I have a 2 wire (black & red) LED flasher relay that I bought from a local bike shop, so I have my bike completely wired up, flashers work, brake light works, running light works, all of that signals work but do not flash obviously without a relay. I've tried wiring the relay in every which way and every time I've wired it in the way I think it's suppose to goes (turn signal main wire from switch which is powered) and the black wire to ground it pops the fuse on my harness EVERYTIME. I've tried increase the amp of the fuse and that doesn't help either.

Any advice tips or anyone know what to do?!

First if you instantly pop a fuse you have a direct short.  Do not keep putting higher amp fuses in because then the items you are protecting will at some point burn out or melt.   

Second LED singles will only work one way.  Polarity matters, regular builds do not.   


Did you already have this working with regular signals and you are swapping out LED's?

If so try the original Relay disconnect all the signals, Plug one in and make sure the ground on the LED goes to the ground on the harness and the Power wire goes to the power wire on the harness.


Let me know what happens

I made the harness from scratch, for my horn, tail light, headlight and such and every single bit of that works, has never shorted out or anything and everything illuminates including flashers, they just dont blink. And im thinking I have a short but wouldnt a short cause all of this stuff to go out even without the relay? I had LED's in prior to all of this on front and rear but the wiring was a hack job and I completely rebuilt my bike including the harness. But I used the old relay which was a 3 pin and I had a ground on it and when I touched a power wire to it, it would click but when I turned on the flasher left or right nothing happened besides they would light up.


So from my handlebar controls there are two wires for right and left flasher, those are ran from the front all the way to the rear. Then there is a flasher main wire, which I wired into the headlight main wire which powers it, so my flashers light up light I said when I flip the switch in each direction. But as soon as I put the relay from the switch main to a ground my fuse pops I only did it about 3 times then stopped and posted this. 

And also my ground from my rear led tail light runs to the harness and so does the power wire from my rear tail light, its all integrated, flashers, license plate light, running light, brake light. 

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turn signal flasher should go between +12v (either directly off the battery or stator output) and the switch turn signal 12 v input.

I don't think I understand what you are tripping to say.

This is how it should be. If I remember correctly..... Haha

Hot wire...fuse... Two pole flasher (not relay).... Switch.....splits to two wire.....wire #1 to front and rear left LED positive wire.... wire #2 front and read Right LED positive wire.... All 4 LED's should have a ground wire. Ground them and just make sure you have the polarity correct.

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