CR450 gets holeshots at Vegas

One of the perks of working at Directv? I get to watch free Pay Per View.

The CR450 debuted at the Vegas Supercross final. It was ridden by Heath Voss who had only a couple of days testing on it before this race. He pulled off both hole shots in his heat and in the main. He held his own for a couple of laps then faded in each race. The CR450 and the YZ426 went one two at the start of the main. Then the better riders prevailed on the 250s. Still, I'm thinking with a better rider, the CR450 competes with the boys.

By the way, It was reported that Carmicheal jumps ship to Honda for 2 million a year for three years. Not the 4 stroke though.

I won't give you the results, you have to buy the PPV on Directv for that. Hey, job security :)

results & full story @

1 - Carmichael

2 - McGrath

3 - Ferry

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Come on Kevin, your taking food out of my baby's mouth :)

Yeah Kevin dont take food out of the babies mouth, cause if you do that Dougie wont be able to go ride with us this saturday. :)

Ryan Hughes was riding the 450 today at Elsinore and he was hauling as you can imagine. I got a got view of the underside of the bike when he jumped clear over me.

His bike has a compression release but he said the production bike has an automatic compression release (like the xr400) and that you can start it by hand, you don't need to find TDC, just kick it like a two stroke.

Hey Dougie, don't worry man, I did my part to help feed your baby.

After driving many hours to watch a stage of The Rim of the World Rally, I raced home on very busy freeways to see the Vegas race. I was amazed at how hard the new Honda pulled away at the start. In my opinion, it smoked the field in the drag race to the first turn. No doubt about it - this bike is fast.

About the Pay-Per-View coverage of the race - FANTASTIC! Awesome helmet-cam footage via Sebastien Tortelli, excellent commentary as always, and showed all of the heats, semi's, and even the LCQ's without commercials. Just like being there - only better.

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Damn it! I went to Elsinore on Sat instead of Sunday. I would have loved to see that bike in person. I love that track. Every thing is perfect. I still can't get throught the rythm section before the triple smooth though. Once I get that nailed I might try that triple but it's looking kinda big.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

What are you, YELLOW?

Dougie, What do you do for DirectTV? I sometimes work for them on their shoots.


Hey Dan, I'm a supervisor at the uplink facility in Castle Rock CO. Basically, I watch TV waiting for something to happen, then I make sure it gets fixed fast so you can watch what you want.

Do you me the promo shoots?

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Tim Ferry and his YZ426, get the holeshot and actually win the Holeshot Award???? Thats what I saw! :)

Dougie, I work on a show called "Music in high places" it's exclusively on DirectTv.


Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Tim Ferry and his YZ426, get the holeshot and actually win the Holeshot Award???? Thats what I saw!

There is a white chalk line accross the first corner and it's just like a horse crossing the finish line to determine who gets the holeshot. Heath Voss on the Honda took the long way around the outside of the corner in his heat race and in the main event so the guys who cut to the inside got credited with the holeshot. As soon as they came out of that first corner everyone watching saw who had the most power and traction.... that Honda left everyone in the dust. In the heat race Carmicheal was actually ahead of Voss exiting the corner and then Voss blew right by like Carmicheal had shifted into reverse.

I know, I know...Just giving a little grief. I will say that the CRF did look good and real quick. Does anyone know why Voss pulled out of the main?

Dan, tell me you don't get to go to all those great places. If you do, I am very envious. I just watched the Deftones in Hawaii, were you on that one? Did you walk on the lava rock?

I managed to stay sober for the whole race... :)

I saw the 450 in the pits, looks pretty nice... I'm convinced that it was Hondas plan to take the whole shot. Think about it they know they don't have a prayers chance in Vegas to win so atleast get the bike out in front to get some exposure.

All in all a great time!


i think the yamaha will smoke it next year when they up it again. i had a dream they made it a yz490f. i don't think i'm psychic but that bike would RIP!! and it would appeal to the old guys who used to ride 490's in the old days too.

Dougie, Im the alternate (camera) guy that gets to go on the shoot whenever the 1st string guy can't go, he told me "Deftones" were the worst artists yet, and also said they were A-holes. I did get to go to Cancun with "Leann Rimes" on her "Music in high places" episode, that was a blast, for an 18 year old she could party!! Im going to Puerto Rico on Tuesday for an other one. I hear that MTV might be buying the show, if so I've been told im moving up and will be doing half of the shows. Only if "Faith Hill" will book a show and her and I will finally meet, then she'll leave Tim Mcgraw for me, I sure I could roost him on the ole blue toad.....

I'll be in Colorado in Aug. for some big ride maybe we could hook up....


I've heard the same about MTV. Good luck. That is a great gig. I use to shoot news for a CBS affiliate in IL before I moved to CO. It was the best job I've ever had. I love shooting. I got to shoot many Bulls games, met Michael and Scottie a couple of times. Also shot a majority of University of Illinois basketball and football games. Of course I've done my share of city council meetings too.

Keep me posted on when you will be out here in Aug. Are you talking the Divide ride? I'll definately try to make it, at least for a day anyway.

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