dr. d pipes

Has anyone got one of these pipes yet. If so, how is it and how much did it cost?

Don't mess with the Dr.D go straight to the best pipe for any 4 stroke out there. Thunder Alley!!! Bob, the owner and maker of the system is an awesome guy and knows what he is doing. I wouldn't recommend to this if I raced against you b/c I want the upperhand. So go with the best and save a few bucks in the process. Check some of the posts below there is even a link there for his website.


Ive got the DRD and I love it! I have ridden both and have to say both are awesome. Do a search, me and my riding partner did a seat of the pants comparison and tried to list the pro's and con's of both. :)

dr. D pipe here... improved the whole powerband.... never tried a thunder alley..

but have heard good things about it also....

I went with the Dr D pipe and love it, The power is way better than stock. The best part about the pipe is the customer service, you can't beat dealing directly with the man himself. Later

Okay that helps out but what did each of those set you back?

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