1999 WR400 vs 2006 WR450

I have a chance to purchase a 1999 WR400 that is plated here in California.  I currently have 2006 WR450 that I really like.  It is not plated however.  I was wondering if I sold my 450 and bought the 400 what would I be giving up?  I know the electric start and 50cc.  Both steel frame bikes and about 7 years of technology. 


I was trying to decide if I should sell the 450 and buy the 400 or keep the 450 and try and find a way to work it through the next to impossible obstacle course of getting it plated.   Thanks for any input.

Just remember that the 400 is 16yrs old! If you don't know it's rebuild history it could be a ticking bomb.

Mine was

That is definitely something to consider. How is the bikes performance very the 450?

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