01 wr426 electric start

I just got a street legal 01 wr426 but it dosnt have electric start I was curious where I could find one how to instal it and about what the cost is thanks

Not possible in any practical sense. 

There's really no way I thought people do it all the time

No one has ever done it at all that I know of.  The 426 never had an e-start.  The WR450F does, but in order to adapt that system to a 426, you would need the wr450 crankcases (including the transmission, because that can't be swapped between the two), crankshaft, complete generator, the starter motor and drive assembly, along with the complete WR450 wiring harness, or a customized one.   Well over $1500 in parts, just to get started, and that doesn't cover the tinkering necessary to adapt the remaining top end parts from the 426.  Swapping the whole engine would probably be cheaper (certainly simpler), but '03-'06 WR450 engines are rare on the market.


Like I said, entirely impractical.

Oh okay thanks for the reply

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