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You guys have been an amazing help. What do you think about this combination of equipment? Jimmy Button bars, Scott’s steering stabilizer with 1.5” handlebar risers. Do I still need to get a new triple clamp? And what else would I need to be aware of? Thanks for all your help in advance.


If you get a steering damper that's mounted in the center of your bars such as Scotts or GPR, then you'll need a triple clamp that can mount the damper such as from www.brpit.com, but you can sometimes find these triple clamps on eBay for great prices. The WER damper mounts differently and does not require a new triple clamp. The RTT stabilizer is built into the triple clamp, so its part of that assembly.

Some companies offer package deals for the damper, triple clamp / mount, bars, etc, and that might be something to consider as well. I went with the Scotts forward mount damper package with the Pro Taper CR-HI bend bars and was very pleased (especially with the Pro Taper bars), but now I'm running Fasst Flexx bars and my son took my Pro Tapers. The complete package affords a discount, is convenient and you know that the parts you're getting are compatible with each other. The standard Scotts package mounts into the oil dipstick hole, so you have to take that assembly apart to check or add oil, but the forward mount package (my preference) mounts differently so you can still check or add oil as usual. From what I heard, the newer GPR 2 mounts under the bars so it won't be planted in your face likes the Scotts might be if your head should be forced downward in that area, but I'm not too worried about it with my Scotts setup.

There was an article in Dirt Rider not long ago that explained the differences between the popular brands of steering stabilizers since they don't all work the same and have different features, different strengths & weaknesses, etc. I'm quite happy with my Scotts, which has some features the other dampers don't have, but I'd strongly consider the new GPR 2 if I was buying another damper. GPR is very popular in desert racing. GPR also offers free damper services to their customers and will service your damper on the spot for free if they're at the race you're attending unlike Scotts. Make sure to shop around because prices on dampers & kits can vary a bit depending on who you buy though. I bought my kit through a company called 'Hard Racing' after shopping numerous places and got the best deal at the time (they honored their low price guarantee without any hassles), but here's some links to check out for products as well as prices.







http://www.barnumspro.com/ (TT Partner :))




Hey thanks a lot qadsan. Good stuff.

Qadson how about a ride report on the trick new flexy handlebars?

Qadson how about a ride report on the trick new flexy handlebars?

Wow, that's a tough one for me right now, but I should have some better info next week. They look kool no doubt and they fit well over my Scotts damper and even allow me to run a bar pad on top with the Scotts damper installed and that's worth something to some people. So far I think they're OK, but I only tested them with one of the elastomers because I forgot to bring the others, but I'm putting them in our trailer tonight so I can test them out this weekend to see if I like them any better.

At first they felt harsher than my Pro Tapers and I had a slightly negative first impression because of that. As the day went on, they started to grow on me a bit more, but I can't honestly say they feel that much better while riding than my Pro Tapers did, but again, I've only tried one of the elastomers and really need to try the rest to give them a fair shot. One thing I really like about these bars is the ability to custom tune the rise in the bars and that's worth something to me in addition to the kool factor :D:). I really didn't know what to expect from these bars, but on the other hand, I was expecting a much more positive experience above and beyond my Pro Tapers which I already liked very much. I'll know more next week. Stay tuned... :D

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