Shout out to Devol

Just installed a set of their radiator guards. They're nicely engineered and fit like a glove. It's nice to be able to support a local company that puts out quality products.

I've had some pretty good dumps on my WR450 this winter and I'm sure that they've saved my rads at least twice.



I have a set of Decal rad guards.  absolutely love them.  had to slighlty modify to fit oversized radiators but ive had a few spills where i have even bent the guards but no damage to radiator, perfect!

+1  I installed mine before I ever rode the bike when it was new.  Glad I did!!


After a particularly muddy day of riding, I was washing my bike and saw this!!






During my ride I felt the front end jump up like I was being vaulted in the air, but I just assumed I hit a rock or something. 


This was a 1 1/2" log that had gotten between the guards and the frame and broke off without touching the radiator.  wheeew!!




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