Front forks

Did my my first race last Sunday for the year anyway, and I always thought front fork springs wear to soft well when I finished the race in west Texas 16 mile thought washout, creek bottoms, thorne bushes, rocky cliffs and dropoff the only thing was wrong with my bike is two busted front fork seals. does anybody know what the next size up fork sping number and will that be enough. my weight is 195# I am an intermediate rider mostly hare scrambles or enduros. :)

This is a good site for finding out suspension set-up data. Just enter your info, and they'll make the recommendations. You can also see what spring rates are available for your bike. :)

Race Tech

stock fork springs are 0.460. i would think 0.470 would be ball park for you. they go up from there. were you bottoming them out the whole time? you can raise the oil level 5mm at a time also. the owners maual has the specs.

Yes I was bottoming out 3 or four times a lap it was a very rough course.

didn't mean to blow you off and not reply right away. i'm no expert, but it might be time for a revalve. it was hard for me to find a setting i really liked. if i backed off the compression enough to be "plush" it would blow right through the travel on any big hits. dial it back up and it was harsh on the little stuff. revalve. my forks are out of town right now. there are so many good suspension people out there. find some of your local yamaha four stroke guys and find out who they like. might be someone close. have 'em do the seals at the same time.

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