WR426 Headlight Mounting Bracket?

Hi all,


New member here.  I did a forum search but didn't quite come up with what I was looking for.  It appears that on my 01 WR426, I am missing a bracket to mount my headlight.  There also isn't any wiring harness.  I have the light, but I can't for the life of me find the brackets for sale anywhere!  Any help on directing me to where I should go?  I'd also love to get the wiring setup as well, but not quite as high a priority right now.


In any case, if anyone has links to any of these items for sale I'd really appreciate it.  I'm having a tough time finding what I need.





I have mine ripper apart out in the garage. Next trip out I will take pictures of the brackets.

My wiring came already butchered. If you have the switch the on line service manual will tell you how to wire it up.

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