Changing Oil

I'm new with having a four stroke i have a 09 yz 450f going to do my first oil change is their more then one  drain plug or just the one on the bottom and their is 3 bolts for the oil filter housing correct thanks ahead of time

ok thanks for the so where are the two drain plugs im clueless

You clearly did not read the post.

I read that post I clearly don't see the drain plugs om my bike I understand what ur saying what head size are the plugs thanks or a picture would be great thanks

Quotes from the post:

3. Remove the drain bolt from the left side below the ignition cover. This drains the "tank" section Replace the bolt and the dipstick.

5. Remove the drain bolt from the crankcase, located behind the right side frame rail on the bottom rear corner of the transmission, angled straight out toward the frame. Replace when it finishes draining.

Both are 12mm heads, and should have copper washers behind them.  Download the manual from the link included in the write up, and it will have pictures.

thanks i found them lol i had to take off my skid plate to find the one bolt lol

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