08 yz 450

So I was doing my valves a few days getting things ready for spring the intake valve cap wasn't properly installed the ring that sits on the cam left a gash in the cap. So when it's tightened down it doesn't let the intake cam spin. I've looked all over eBay and ordered a cap from an 06 bike because there were really no other listings. This turned out not to be the same as the 08 ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1423696665.947651.jpg Does anyone no where I can find an intake cam cap for an 08 or how I can get it fixed.

The cam caps are not sold separately, and the reason is that the bore for the cam is cut while they are bolted in place on the head.  Every cap will be different, and truly match only the head it was originally machined on. 


The correct fix is to send the head to a good machine shop, like Engine Dynamics or Fast Heads, and have it line bored. 

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